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Can You Take Cuttings Off a Flowering Plant?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by SweetnSauer, May 15, 2011.


    SweetnSauer Active Member

    its one week into flowering and I want to make clones. will it shock them if I take too much cuttings?
    Charlie Ventura

    Charlie Ventura Active Member

    You can take cuttings off of a flowering plant up to three weeks into the flowering cycle. Take the cuttings off of the bottom of the plants. In fact, prune the plants so that you have six to eight colas growing on each plant. The rest can be used for cuttings.
    Jack Larson

    Jack Larson Active Member

    you can clone the day of harvest! but it will take several weeks for those clones to revert back to a veg. state , I would take cuttings with in the first couple of weeks, if at all.good luck.

    ziggy39 Member

    i have done this and it worked great for me so far it only took a week and a half of 20/4 veg lighting and constant watering in a humidome but they worked out great im taking um out of the dome 2mmrow i would reccomed waiting at least 3 weeks into flowing though i did and it was perfect

    heshani1999 Member

    I think Ziggy is right.You should waiting at least 3 weeks into flowing It will work great.

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