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Can You Take Clones from Flowering Plants?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by dr2brains, Jan 18, 2012.


    dr2brains Well-Known Member

    I have two female plants that have been flowering for a little over two weeks.
    Can I get a clone from them or is it too late?

    roidrage152 Active Member

    Yes you can. They will probably take a little bit longer to root as they regress to the veg light cycle again. I've never done this before, but have heard from multiple sources it is definitely doable.

    dr2brains Well-Known Member


    skunkd0c Well-Known Member

    yeah you can take cuttings during flower, although be prepared to wait quite a while before they start to grow normally
    it will depend how far into flowering they are if buds have formed or not

    they root in normal time no delay on rooting , but they will not grow in the vegative stage like a normal cutting
    they will act like a rejuvenated plant, and grow distorted shoots popping out of the bud growth for a while
    can take 2-3 weeks after rooting before they get back into the veg stage and grow normally

    peace :)

    James87 Active Member

    Yes, and some people believe it is actually better than veg cuttings. Purportedly, once the clone roots, it will grow like crazy. Also, if the plant has been getting low N and high P, it will help form roots faster. There is a name for this method but it escapes me at the moment. Megacloning or something, can anybody remember?

    bostoner Active Member

    If you take shoots with small marble size buds as a clone and root it then veg it it is known as monster cropping the plants look strange but branch like crazy and you can get some really desirable results. This is a picture from a clone that was taken from a two week flowering mother.

    skunkd0c Well-Known Member

    this is a plant growing in the rejuvenating phase , it produces the same effect as re harvesting , its nothing unique
    no advantage to it at all, it is slower than starting new plants or taking cuttings during veg

    BigBuddahCheese New Member

    I have taken them as late as pre-flowering stage and ya they root and start to try to flower again in 18/6 but will revert after a few days.

    I prefer to take them 1-2 weeks into flower without any pre-flowers or flowers.

    bostoner Active Member

    So an your trying to say an extra week to start the reveg isn't worth all that side branching. You crazy LOL. You meant re vegging a harvested plant not re harvesting right? You trying to say there are no advantages to that either? Have you ever done it?

    dr2brains Well-Known Member

    I think I'll wait for next batch and the first sign of hairs I'll clip it!

    francy420 Well-Known Member

    I actually just took 1 Snow white, and 1 Jock horror out of my cloner today. They were cut off plants 2 weeks into flower. It took them 14 days to be ready to come out of the cloner, and into their homes. They rooted in the same amount of time as 2 other strains I had in there that were taken from mothers. So yes it is no problem.

    blueberrykush1012 Member

    Can I take a clone from a plant in flower and put the clone directly under 12/12 or do I have to veg first
    Connoisseurus Rex

    Connoisseurus Rex Well-Known Member

    It's called monster cropping and yea it works as long as you're not too far into flower. Clones from flowering mothers will be 3x the size of a vegged mothers clones by the 3 week veg mark. They shoot crazy amounts of side shoots.

    Root them, veg 2+ weeks, and flip. You'll get much more harvest than your average clone.
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    Connoisseurus Rex

    Connoisseurus Rex Well-Known Member

    You have to root it first. After that, 2 weeks veg is recommended if you want a decent yield.

    blueberrykush1012 Member

    How far into flower can I be where I wont hurt momma plant and get good clones

    rob333 Well-Known Member

    u can take clones but from the bottom of the plant 2nd pull off all sighs of bud and leave the leaves 3rd don't trim the fan leaves like u do in vegging clones just pull most of them off and leave about 3-4 leaves how i do it
    Connoisseurus Rex

    Connoisseurus Rex Well-Known Member

    I consider 3 weeks in to be the max. I'm sure you can flirt with that line and results may vary. I stop at 3 weeks because that when I stop training. Anything past that though, it's taking energy from bud making to heal in my opinion.

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