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Can you smoke the leaf

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Youngster, Feb 14, 2008.


    Youngster Active Member

    I have a dump question but i new to all of these so lol just want to no

    faralos Well-Known Member

    the smaller leavesthat usually are found wrappedaround the bud are smokeable possibly bigger fan leaves close to the' colas' at harvest time could be. never tried them, though your best bet would be to make a hash oil from them if you had enuf. that with your (garbage) stems works great.

    blonddie07 Well-Known Member

    You can make somthing to eat with the leaves... and it works AWSOME!

    I made cannibutter with my trimmings.

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    Jon.Smith.Foo Active Member

    You can smoke just about anything....the real question should be will you get high from smoking the leaves.....and the answer is pretty much no.

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    Mr.F Active Member

    those small leaves around buds are somehow good, i just trimmed, dryed and then smoked some small leaves around some of the top buds and got pretty high yesterday night :) (and btw. my flowers are so far only at 16days of flowering)

    Jon.Smith.Foo Active Member

    Anything with trichs on it should get you at least a little high. I was referring to the big fan leaves.


    GreenCrunchies Well-Known Member

    You can smoke the leaves...sure, what i do...ive been doing it for years, is after a harvest i keep all the leaves and have a baggy of leaves with my pot...When i roll a joint i crush up some leaves, not to much but mix it with my pot...The joint burns alot nicer and more evenly....and have found i can puff on a joint ALOT LONGER that way....But just leaves you can also, though its alot harsher and you dont get as stoned.....
    Some of the guys who have been smoking forever will say NO...because they are beyond that, they are the elite..aka...they smoke the dankist shit all the time...:) PROPS...And to some of them smoking leaves is childish, but for beginners and for the rest of you life....if it gets you high...fucking go for it...

    Youngster Active Member

    not to old not to young just about right lol

    kiteflight Member

    Currently smoking leaves with no bud mixed in (I use them to fill blunts/joints normally). I have smoked two bowls from a bong. While I'm not gonked out. I'm definitely stoned enough to notice. I would say a three or a four on a scale of one to ten. Mind you, I'm normally an eight or a nine of one personal bowl of high grade bud. A note: these are leaves from my current grow, haven't even gone to flower yet. I got rid of a fairly large (bout 10 inch) plant that was under-performing my others so i could give them more light. Started drying about a week ago in a mason jar (open and closing). I guess that means THC is in the plant long before flowering? This plant was only 5 weeks old.

    Tym Active Member

    You sure can, but you can also smoke dog hair and dried lawn clippings..
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    kiteflight Member


    Definite dry mouth, body high, euphoria, and increase in appetite. Smoke was somehow "ashier" tasting, but with a sort of fresh, piney flavor. The smoke also seemed thinner than the dragon plumes from good bud. Hope all that helps, I didn't realize how high I actually was until I sat down to write this. Oh, quantity was 1/3 a plant (9 nodes, 10 inches tall, about 24 leaf sets) so i guess that's about 8 leaves packed into two bowls of a small stem bong. I can't say I wouldn't recommend this for he who has no flowahs on hand. I know I'm enjoying it.

    kiteflight Member

    Maybe these leaves didn't taste as harsh because I hadn't started any ferts or food? I know that makes buds taste harsher.

    frmrboi Well-Known Member

    Back in the seventies that's all we smoked there were no autoflowering strais that would bloom and finish outdoors. Got us plenty high.

    kiteflight Member

    Sorry for posting again. Also confirmed: eyes are pink all over and I'm listening to 8-bit music. There is no doubt in my mind that this works.

    frmrboi Well-Known Member

    Have you ever grown in Northern Saskatchewan ? No, I didn't think so.
    Coldair dejavo92

    Coldair dejavo92 Member

    I could'nt have said it better myself :) What I tend to do with my leaves is use them in a joint instead of backie.

    kindbud27 Active Member

    Shit man, i have leaves saved up from my dynamite and i am talking about the bigger ones and when i run out of smoke i use them doesnt get you soaring hi but none the less it does work. tolerance needs to be lower though.

    sso Well-Known Member

    for me indicas and mostly indicas have mostly unsmokable leaves, the small leaves maybe and the sugarleaf sure (just harsh and not top ql smoke)

    but the more sativa the more good smoke the leaves are.

    my pure sativa´s fanleafs are quite smokable. just harsh and you need a few tokes, but there is no ceiling to the high, smoke 7-8 bowls of that and you are stuck to the ceiling.
    and thats the fanleaves. (no crystals, but many sativa´s dont really have that much of crystals, funnily)

    was smoking some indica hybrid same time, buds, sure they got me high and a lovely bodystone, but the fanleaves got me "higher" if you know what i mean (absolutely no couchlock body stone to that sativa just high, almost unbearably high)

    see, the thing with sativas, they dont really have to be That potent, because when smoking indicas the bodystone is the ceiling, you either fall asleep or just cant smoke more, cant move.

    with sativas you can keep smoking and smoking, getting higher and higher.

    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    u cansmoke the leaves...the more trycombs the better the hit
    I like the butter idea. Looks smooth and tastey...wish I had the recipe:)

    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    CapDaddy could you send me the recipe for weed butter. I really want to try it. Thank You for you time and mb i can give ya something for your trouble.

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