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can you smoke shrooms?

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by herbmeup, Oct 16, 2007.


    herbmeup Active Member

    I have like a gram of fine ground up mushroom and was wondering if you could smoke them and if you would still have an effect?

    i think there liberty caps
    or golden caps

    im not sure wither one of those

    Philly_Buddah New Member

    Im pretty sure some1 asked this question a while back, not on here though. A lot of ppl say it doesnt work, and then a few ppl said that u can get high by smoking it. Personally i think u should just eat it instead of smoking it. If u smoked it and then nothing happened then u just wasted the shrooms.

    diehlerman Active Member

    no you can't smoke them...some people might say you can but the heat from the flame will kill any and all psychoactive property in them.

    inforce Well-Known Member

    tried it. smoked a half bag 1/8th of shrooms (libertys) and it did absolutely nothing.. however ate the other half 1/8th with a friend and guess what happened 30mins later..

    trails. spinning. PUKE and i was high as freaking hell. friend was talking to matchsticks. hah!

    bigd420 Active Member

    i smoked 1/8th and tottaly tripped my brains out i didnt know how to open my door it was sweet i recomend it toall

    IanCurtisWishlist Well-Known Member

    In general, psilocybin (the active ingredient in shrooms) will burn up and be useless at a temperature much lower than what a flame burns at. With this being said, you are wasting your shrooms 100 percent if you try to smoke them. I don't care what anybody says, this is not going to work.

    Some people say that you can smoke pot laced with LSD. That's not true either. The flame totally destroys all the LSD.

    BCChronic420 Active Member

    You Can...It will taste like shit...It will make Whatever u smoked it out of taste like shit...And your friend will call u an idiot for a year....Then u have to think to yourself IS it worth it?..........Just eat the shrooms lol Theres a better chance u will get high

    BCChronic420 Active Member

    Thats sad man Puking off of like 2 grams wow man I did 7g's my first time and didnt even come close haha Differnt shrooms maybe?

    ESStlyes New Member

    You cannot smoke shrooms and trip. Anyone that says they did are not telling the truth.

    stunned Green Thumb of God

    You can smoke shrooms. The real quesion is can you get high from them. The answer is no. I sold pounds and pounds of mushrooms in high school and tried smoking them many times it never worked.

    tobywonkanoby Member

    hey man, hasnt anyone told you, sometimes for the best mush trip... less is better.
    ive puked twice, but many times ive had the feeling, but wouldnt. i believe they label this as a sideaffect of food poisoning.
    i also believe a trip is always better after the throw up!!!
    actually im goning on a trip tonite!!

    Anonymiss1969 Active Member

    Only the least intelligent friend of our group smoked mushrooms... Doesn't work. Could have told you that without him tryin though.

    llLOU Well-Known Member

    yes! And you can eat toilet paper.

    b0bdyl4n420 Well-Known Member

    *****hard ass alert*****

    northwoodsmoker New Member

    oh YES, i got so fucked up i couldnt stand it but that was back when i was 14 yo.. cool as fuck

    GratefulDance Member

    They can be grown in such away that you're able to easily extract the psilocybin and vaporize it producing DMT-like effects.

    growwwww Well-Known Member

    You can smoke shrooms - WONT GET YOU HIGH.

    Psilicin or whatever will get destroyed and become inert under heat.

    HOWEVER, ive heard that you can smoke fly agaric, google it, look into urself - look at the raw data and see if u wanna try it...

    but u can smoke some shrooms and get high of them ye, not cubensis though

    elesdee Member

    we rolled a good amount in a blunt:bigjoint: twice. we didnt trip but it was definatly different. I enjoyed :lol: it i called it green:leaf: smurf. And i though it was delicious and smelt amazing. We know it was different cause we had a zip and that was the last of it so we added the shrooms just to see and we were higher but not fully tripping. But definatly eat them over smoking them no doubt.:leaf:

    drugreference Active Member

    hahaha dont hes a liar! its a trick! it wont work and toilet paper wont eather!

    mrweed Active Member

    how many of you all saying it doesnt work have actually tried it?

    i got an ounce of these boomers so i could trip for free and it was kinda shakey and i smoked the shake and yes it tasted like dick but i tripped nuts and ive yet to trip that hard even on LSD,

    BUT with that said i did take an 8er then start smoking it but after i smoked it probly 5 minutes later i was watching infomercials tripping balls and laughing manically.

    it made me trip, it might make you

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