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Can you reactivate carbon

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by skippy pb, May 22, 2008.

    skippy pb

    skippy pb Well-Known Member

    I bought some activated carbon for smell control and it worked. But after like a couple days it stopped working. I cant get it to work now

    O4aUsErNaMe Well-Known Member

    to answer your question yes you can reactivate carbon.

    but the cost is so prohibitive that it is cheaper to buy it(from memory i think you have to heat it to a hug degree that can only be obtained in a big industrial furnace)
    skippy pb

    skippy pb Well-Known Member

    dam that suck though, i dont wanna spend like 10 bucks a day on this shit

    is there anyway to preserve it for longer?
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    speedhabit Well-Known Member

    Build yourself a real carbon filter instead of a sewn up baggie in your vent pipe, it costs only about 25 bucks plus carbon which is cheap and you can buy enough to last forever.


    Do not buy carbon at the petstore. for the price of 20g you can get 20lbs on ebay.

    Picasso345 Well-Known Member

    Carbon doesn't go bad like that. Takes much much more air flowing through that. Something else is the problem.

    Anyways, you can reactivate charcoal in your oven. I've read that it takes three hours and stinks to high heaven. Do a search.

    rkm Well-Known Member

    Activated carbon has some great qualities, but it does not last long for the average joe. It can be reactivated but not sure of the process. Google activated carbon and you will learn how it works. On my fishtank, I cut out all the carbon and throw it away when I change filters, the floss on the filter lasts longer than the carbon does. Simply because it only lasts for no more than 14 days. Once it deactivates, it dumps every thing back out that it filtered out in the first place. Carbon has its uses and works well.....for a short period.

    Picasso345 Well-Known Member

    Water and air are two separate birds.

    rkm Well-Known Member

    You are absolutely correct. However, I can pretty much guarantee that the water my fish live in is a lot cleaner than the air you and I breathe, and cleaner than what my plants live in. However, the purpose of activated carbon still works the same, to filter out impurities. Its the same whether it be water or air.

    1337d3m0nx Active Member

    Yes, but there is much more debris in the water and the water, I'm sure, is taking a toll on the structure of the carbon. i.e. Breaking it down or w/e

    Also, can't you extend the life of carbon by crushing it with a hammer after it starts to slow down on filtration?

    *sorry if I am wrong, I don't know much about carbon...but I am using a little common sense*

    rkm Well-Known Member

    Whats the difference between filtering fish poop through carbon verses dust? Its still a solid particle to clog the cavities of activated carbon.

    Picasso345 Well-Known Member

    Fish poop would certainly take up more of those cavities no? I'm guessing fish crap is on the order of what? 1000x bigger than some dust or odor molecules? 10,000x?

    rkm Well-Known Member

    Correct again. However the fish poop will at least decay and keep breaking down into nothing, but still, it ends up clogging the carbon up as it builds up. And do you realize how much dust is floating around in your house, especially if you have pets?

    Dabu Well-Known Member

    1 gram of activated carbon has a surface area of something like 500 meters squared. Imagine how many dust / odor molecules could fit on 500 square meters?

    rkm Well-Known Member

    Point is???

    FullMetalJacket Well-Known Member

    Filtering air and water cannot even be compared as water has many more contaminats specicially contaminites bonded to hydrogen atoms which by nature tend to be large.

    You cannot reactivate it using normal items in a house (not well anyway).
    All carbon is not created equal, not even close.
    Good activated carbon should be able to absorb 60%of its weight in impuraties

    Here is a decent link
    Activated Carbon What is a Carbon Filter?

    FullMetalJacket Well-Known Member

    I have tried to make homemade filters but have not had success with the results. I feel they are worth buying. There are probably the best investmet besides a muzzel to keep you out of jail...

    If you do make your own you have to make sure it is packed tight into your filter. Many people use vibration to accomplish this and high compression hydrolic devices. Same idea a chain...The carbon filter is only as as good as the largest air gap in the filter. Dont buy the cheap shit from Wally. Get a decent amount of good vergin activated carbon online.

    BigBudBalls Well-Known Member

    (ok sorry didn't look at the link) But.....
    I looked into what was involved in making activated carbon and said "nah, I don't need a mini cyclotron in my house" type thing.

    Baking it makes sense to a point and can help (picasso)

    But I think high temps like near 800C would be needed to burn off the impurities, then vacuum down the remainder to draw out the remaining, then while under vacuum only allow back in an inert/helpful gas. argon, maybe?

    Bottom line, go buy new.

    Picasso345 Well-Known Member

    No kidding. I got mine for $65 off ebay with 5 pounds of carbon in it. Cheap insurance imo.

    bonz Well-Known Member

    i may not be a pro but i went through the same thing spent almost a hundred bucks building one and it lasted bout 1 week.carbon was from pet store( no good) particles in air are much finer than chunks of poo from fish.you need charcoal for air filter only, they are smaller with more pores to contain smell. they should last for months.hope that explains it

    outrunu Well-Known Member

    Your not using the carbon to filter dust. The carbon will not break down in one day for odor control, from what I've read. You probably have a different problem, most likely related to the air pressure in your grow room. That's what I've found personally.

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