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Can you make anything out of Fan Leaf Clippings??

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Resinator420, Dec 3, 2008.


    Resinator420 Well-Known Member

    my lady's are mature now, i have alot of fna leaf clippings about 6inches each, is there anything i can make out of these like hash, drinks, tea, any kindof goodies??

    if anyones got anything worth trying please let me know

    GrowSpecialist Well-Known Member

    Fan leaves are worthless for getting high... but the leaves all around the buds (which have crystals on them) are very useful.

    Xare Well-Known Member

    Fan leaf does not make a very pure hash but you can get some off it.

    I use one gallon bubble bags myself. And passing the fan leaf through the bags only one time.

    With close trim from bud trimming you get a very nice hash and a better yield. I run that through the bags at least 2 times.

    To give you an idea I just finished my hash from this seasons outdoor grow. I had about 5 grocery sacks full of fresh frozen fan leaf and got 1/2 ounce of bubble from it. I also had 1 bag of close trim and got 1 ounce from that.

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    If you have enough fan leaves to fill a normal sized paper bag or more it's worth harvesting hash from it in any of the methods used for better material. There are sure as shit trichomes on the fan leaves, just less of them there than anywhere else that has them.

    It takes a decent amount of fan leaves and elbow grease so not everyone will bother, but you will get smokable hash and enough to go through the effort if you want to try.

    Ice water mix wait filter filter dry puff

    More detailed explanations are everywhere, search "bubble hash"

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    compost ............ IMG_5406.jpg

    Xare Well-Known Member

    Ya it can go in the compost after you spin it too :-P

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    Waste not, want not.

    Here I sit wanting, wishing I had harvested more even though I didn't need it then. Instead I'm scraping tar from the bong and putting that good shit into my lungs.

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