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can you grow more than one strain together in a grow tent?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by cheese, Feb 27, 2009.


    cheese Well-Known Member

    can you grow more than one strain together in a grow tent?
    looking to grow 10 plants of 5 different strains.... 2 plants to every strain

    Jester88 Well-Known Member

    yes most people dont do it cos when working with a combined space they like to keep a schedule.

    the only thing is maintaining flower times... some strains have longer flowering times others dont.... if your growing like this your going to have to work out your schedule.

    but anyhoo sorry for dribbling shit. yes you can grow more than 1 strain in a tent :)
    Rocky Top High

    Rocky Top High Well-Known Member

    Sure you can. I grow Kali Mist...White Widow...Whiteberry and Hindu Kush all in the same area. Granted, it's a bit more work due to different harvest times and different heights but you can manage it pretty well. You must learn the plants and how they react to nutes. You can't really just feed them all the same strength nutes but once you learn how far to push each plant, you can grow them side by side. It takes a bit more p-lanning and I would suggest keeping a personal grow journal so you won't get mixed up. I love a variety so growing different strains at the same tme meets my demands. Good luck.

    cheese Well-Known Member

    cheers people

    SCORPIO13 Well-Known Member

    I agree with rocky top high. Keep a grow journal so you can keep an eye on each strain as far as nute feeding. I am growing Bubba Kush, White Widow, Jack The Ripper, Hindu Kush, and Green Crack all at the same time. So far I have had no problems. The Journal helps out alot. I am a stoner and do tend to forget things. LOL Here is a link to a journal that I use. Just open the thread and the link to the journal is in the first post. Good Luck Growing.


    GrowinBigRed Active Member

    Ok so you can grow differnet strains sure. but can you grow different plants of similar light times and environment conditions or could pollen be spreed and you end up with fucked up weed.

    For instance could you grow like a blue lotus, Marjiuana, Hemp, and Salvia all in the same area??
    Or could there be like some weird pollen or mating in air and you just end up with some weed that makes you trip like salvia(thatd be sick!)

    Jester88 Well-Known Member

    you could put tem all in there but the only thing youd have to watch is any hemp pollen cos that will cause you problems. you can plant them with anything almost ass long as it dont steal all the light and what not.. they shouldnt cross breed with plants of a completely diffrent type.. tomacco yeah youd be rich lol .. hemp as i said may cross polinate and turn your shit to crap not really sure never really grown hemp.. its the same kinda so i expect ot will fuck your plants up and make them lose thc.

    also to answer the thread starters question again
    you should be able to work out some kinda idea where the different flowering times end up being all good ;)
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    DillWeed Well-Known Member

    I just finished harvesting a grow of two different strains in the same grow tent. Check out the link in my signature below for pics of the results! :leaf::bigjoint:

    GrowinBigRed Active Member

    Sorry for stealin your thread...

    now if i have a female hemp product since there is no pollen there will it b ok?

    Jester88 Well-Known Member

    should be

    y the fuck do you have hemp anyhoo oh wellsie
    umm just make sure it dont pollinate the hemp it will prolly start breeding seeds that will grow something with a thc content. seems tho its a hemp plant im assuming that you dont want this lol.

    bullSnot Well-Known Member

    going from experience - yes you can but....if you are a newbie it is best to keep it simple and grow a group of one strain. i messed up my first grow by mixing a bunch and it got discouraging. Some like more/less water, more nutes, distance from lights...it drove me nuts to see an MK Ultra burning up in the light and the Northern Lights lush and green....my advice is make it easy on yourself and grow the same strain first few times and learn pleasantly.

    Morriston55 Well-Known Member

    Grave diggin this thread eh

    bullSnot Well-Known Member

    catching up...this forums a mess...nothin on tv

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