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Can you grow a marijuana plant in seed starting soil?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by GodofArmageddon, Apr 9, 2012.


    GodofArmageddon Member

    Right now it's in miracle gro seed starting soil. And so far its doing great. I was thinking I should just keep it in this soil. Good idea or no?
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    halfaweek Active Member

    I find that it does not hold water very well and drys out to fast end up watering all the time instead of once a week

    GodofArmageddon Member

    That's true, but i don't really mind watering it a lot. But besides that do you think it's a good soil?
    dank smoker420

    dank smoker420 Well-Known Member

    ive used that before if i did again i would mix in some jiffy seed starter mix or some verm. i like to use the jiffy seed starter mix and perlite as my soil. i hear people talk bad about the jiffy mix saying that it isnt good but ive had great success with it.

    halfaweek Active Member

    I really dont find a problem with it other than watering its just that the water does not stay then the nute i added dont stay big waste i use a grow mix from my hydro store its really close to a seedling mix just holds water better

    Wetdog Well-Known Member

    I know a grower that uses nothing but MG seed starting mix start to finish and has done so for years.


    Hilltop112 Well-Known Member

    seed mix doesn't have alot of nutrients in it and as pointed out above dried out alot quicker than normal soil, You could grow in Seed mix but why not spend the little extra for some real soil and get better yields?

    beecee Member

    i used the seed mix just to start and i thought it worked great. when it was time to transplant most of the seed mix just fell of the roots and the transplant was very easy. they took to the new soil very quickly. no signs of stress. not sure i would want to do the whole process in it though.
    bird mcbride

    bird mcbride Well-Known Member

    That's the first good news about MG from soil farmers.

    Izoc666 Well-Known Member

    Yes GOD, it will be fine just use this seed starter soil ! thats way you can control the nutrients for this plant...and hand watering daily, it will make your plant grow real faster. Since im soilless guy, gotta love this method :D

    Happy growing and peace

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