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can u use mirrors to reflect light?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by bud1, Oct 3, 2009.


    bud1 Member

    i was wondering it i could use mirrors in my grow room to reflect the light more instaid of mylar,white walls ect.....
    would it help any or just stick to the white walls?
    Illegal Smile

    Illegal Smile Guest

    They say white paint reflect 85%. It just doesn't seem worth it to me to try to improve on that.

    wyteboi Well-Known Member

    mirrors ABSORB light so they might not REFLECT as good as white paint and flat walls. Mylar is VERY effective. like smile said its hard to beat 85% !
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    nikk Active Member

    yeah i guess i would have to agree,if you cant afford mylar or if your walls are already white..
    but if youre like me and have grey walls with rose trim(dont ask,it was my wife's idea),what i would recommend is white styrofoam,like the ones that come with air conditioners,they are pretty big,or if its a last resort aluminum foil,but yeah flat white paint is pretty good,and styrofoam has the same reflectivity as flat white paint so either way you cant go wrong,but as for regular mirrors-folks say thay dont work because only the inside layer of the mirror actually reflects,and the glass from the mirror actually hinders the reflectivity so it kinda defeats the purpose

    bud1 Member

    ahh kool thanx guys
    just wanted to know,i want the best conditions for my babys lol
    finally got a female out of a 10 pack of seeds the only one out of the pack hahahaha
    shit happends lol

    mikegolfer Active Member

    Hardware stores sell styrofoam sheets as insulation; cheap, and very effective.

    doitinthewoods Well-Known Member

    White walls are one of the better things, but you could use omniflect or mylar. Those 2 dollar 4'x8' space blankets work well too, if you're on a budget.

    doitinthewoods Well-Known Member

    Yea, you could use the blue ridged foam insulation with a foil backing. It works ok. Also 4x8 sheets

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