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can someone help me with cookie/butter please

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by Chiefems, Jan 4, 2013.


    Chiefems Active Member

    So I want to try an make some canna butter cookies. I did make brownies before with an unsuccesful attempt only used an eighth for a whole pan barely felt anything at all. Anyway for the butter could I use a half oz to 1 stick of butter and simer for a few hours then strain the chunks and let it cool (side question should it be completly hardened or a smooth butter type?) And then just add butter as suggested on any cookie recipie? Please help don't want to f up again
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    gioua Well-Known Member

    I tried to use butter a few times.. it has it's +- but.. I like olive oil..

    follow your recipe for the cookies how many does it say it will yield?

    say you make 30 cookies you will need a min of .25g decarbed bud per edible so 30 cookies =7.5 g

    how are you cooking the oil-butter?

    cookie recipe buy the betty crocker oatmeal or Peanut butter premix cookies packs cost about 2.50 need 1 egg 1/2 oil or butter...
    all the other premix cookies use 1/3 c

    Chiefems Active Member

    i havent went to the store to pick the stuff up. but just on the stove top i have some vegtable oil in the cupard could i use that instead both have 0 trans fat im fixed on making these cookie i have a 17g just some decent reggie but only wanting to make say ten or less

    gioua Well-Known Member

    Yes veg oil is fine.. I use this 3 oil mix from Costco I get 6 liters for < 20.00 mix of canola grape and olive..

    What method are you using to make the oil?
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    Chiefems Active Member

    it has 0 trans fat same with the butter i have wouldnt i need some with fat content so it will be absored properly. i havent thought about trying to make itwith oil so il have to read into it but i figured the same way as the butter just put a stick in let it simmer then add the grounded up herb and then low simmer for an hour or so and then strain the weed remains into a bowl throw in fridge until cool also does it need to be hardernd before use or like a smooth butter spread?

    Chiefems Active Member

    btw i can apperantly rep now so points to you

    gioua Well-Known Member

    I would personally heat for longer then an hour... I usually only do a 4 hour cook in a crock pot at about 200-225

    oil is the same as butter in recipes and in canna cooking methods

    butter will spoil sooner then olive oil..

    Chiefems Active Member

    so i picked up 2 packs premix cookies eggs 4 sticks of butter and some virgin olive oil now i have no idea how to do it with the crockpot so youtube here i come

    gioua Well-Known Member

    thats the easy part... turn it on toss oil and MMJ in walk away...

    go back in about 30 mins stir check temp walk away.. can be repeated many times...
    :) good luck

    FLoraK Member

    I just made some butter last week using leaves. Ultimately I ended up cooking it in the crockpot over night. 1lb of butter, 2 cups of water, about 2lbs of leaf ground finely (I use a coffee grinder) add water to crock pot heat to boiling add butter and reduce heat. When butter is melted add leaf mixture. Stir, cover, wait, repeat. When finished cooking strain mixture through a cheese cloth and squeeze all of the buttery goodness out. Refrigerate the liquid mixture and in a couple of hours the butter will have risen to the top. Drain out mucky bottom water and enjoy your butter. I made cinnamon rolls with mine and holy business!! Hope this helps enjoy!!

    Roweniii Member

    Making these is easy! There are plenty of threads showing great methods of making canna-butter, but I think the crock pot may be easiest. Last batch I made I used the stove to make butter and it turned out fine. I also like using oil instead, as oil seems easier to me (also harder to burn than butter, so less risk). I have a great cookie recipe that uses oil, and brownies are dead easy. I usually use the equivalent of an ounce for a full batch, so mine are fairly strong as most would gauge them I think. PM me with questions and I'll answer all I can.

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