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Can someone fill me in?

Discussion in 'Canadian Patients' started by bigmanc, Nov 14, 2017.


    bigmanc Well-Known Member

    Smoking a joint watching cp24 in the garage and a OPP guy and a RCMP guy make a company called aleafia. Seems like the government and media gave them tons of air time.

    mojoganjaman Well-Known Member

    they made money imprisoning you, now they want to suck whatever life you have left via your money...hypocrites!!!!


    VIANARCHRIS Well-Known Member

    These two fuckers need a bullet.....I'd spit in their faces given the chance.

    Former Toronto police chief Julian Fantino heads marijuana company after change of heart
    Julian Fantino says he embarked on a ‘fact-finding mission’ to learn more about medical marijuana after serving as Minister of Veterans Affairs in the Harper government.

    Former Toronto police chief Julian Fantino, left, is executive chair of the medical marijuana company Aleafia, while ex-RCMP deputy commissioner Raf Souccar, is the company's president and CEO. (SAMANTHA BEATTIE / TORONTO STAR) | SAMANTHA BEATTIEStaff Reporter
    Tues., Nov. 14, 2017

    Julian Fantino was once an outspoken critic of legalizing pot but he says he changed his mind after veterans convinced him of the benefits of medical marijuana in treating post-traumatic stress disorder and managing pain.

    The former Toronto police chief was recently named executive chair of a GTA medical marijuana company.

    Fantino told a news conference Tuesday for the launch of Aleafia in Vaughan that he supports legalizing pot, as long as children can’t access it, organized criminals don’t benefit and cops crack down on impaired driving.

    He said he would use medical marijuana if it was prescribed to him by a doctor.

    “For me, it would be a healthy choice,” Fantino said.

    Fantino also worked as chief of the London and York Region police forces and commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police before he was elected to serve one term as an MP representing Vaughan-Woodbridge.

    He said he embarked on a “fact-finding mission” to learn more about medical marijuana after serving as Minister of Veterans Affairs in the Harper government. He heard from veterans who he “cares deeply for” about how marijuana helped them cope with injuries.

    “That enabled us to be more helpful to people who are not obtaining results from their medications, usually opiates,” he said. “The medical profession is becoming better educated and better informed and there are more and more people who are being helped greatly with medical cannabis.”

    He was joined by former RCMP deputy commissioner Raf Souccar, who is Aleafia’s president and chief executive officer.

    Souccar said he too was critical of medical marijuana, even when he was appointed to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Marijuana Legalization Task Force in 2016.

    “My thoughts were medical users of cannabis were individuals who wanted to us cannabis and hide it under the guise of medical purposes,” Souccar said.

    But as part of the taskforce, he met with medical marijuana users and he realized he “couldn’t have been more wrong.

    “I didn’t expect the types of people I met, people with jobs, people no different than any of us in this room. It brought about a huge change in me.”

    The two former cops framed their business as one that will help counteract widespread opioid use and abuse. Instead of doctors prescribing patients opioid medications for pain, they can prescribe medical marijuana through companies like Aleafia, Fantino said.

    Aleafia says it will connect patients with medically authorized cannabis and other health services at locations across the GTA. It does not dispense cannabis, but rather provides patients with assessments and suggests treatments.

    “First and foremost, we are not in the marijuana business,” Fantino said, “We are in the health delivery system and that’s our focus.”

    Change of heart

    A look at Julian Fantino’s past public statements on marijuana:

    “The evidence clearly indicates that organized crime is heavily involved in grow operations and the distribution of marijuana . . . I am also concerned about the apparent lack of scientific or medical certainty on the impact of marijuana use on humans and their activities.” — Fantino’s statement posted on the Sootoday.com, May 28, 2003

    “Legalization is an irresponsible policy that only puts dangerous drugs on the streets and in our communities, and sends the wrong message to children that recreational drug use is okay.” — Fantino in a flyer distributed to Vaughan households by his MP office, July 30, 2014.

    “Today, Justin (Trudeau) admitted that his top and urgent justice priority is to change the law to allow the sale of marijuana in corner stores, putting our children at risk. Justin’s singular justice policy will make smoking marijuana a normal, everyday activity for Canadians and he wants to make marijuana available in storefront dispensaries and cornerstores just like alcohol and cigarettes. This is simply wrong, and puts the health and safety of our children and communities at risk.” — Fantino’s Facebook page, Sept. 30, 2015

    “This is not like smoking cigarettes. This is also the type of drug that is mind-altering and does have an impact on cognitive ability.” — Julian Fantino to Global News Oct. 15, 2015

    “I am completely opposed to the legalization of marijuana.” — Julian Fantino’s Twitter account, Oct. 16, 2015

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    bigmanc Well-Known Member

    “My thoughts were medical users of cannabis were individuals who wanted to uscannabis and hide it under the guise of medical purposes,” Souccar said.

    Piece of shit weasel
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    growforyou Member

    so am I right to think that these guys spent most of their lives/careers preaching to people about how bad pot is, and arresting and jailing people who produced and consumed it. And were probably responsible for a myriad of warrants and raids on family homes.

    Yet now that they see a potential for personal gain from it..........they've found the pot god and they've seen the light and want to promote the use of marijuana (preferably theirs) to the masses

    (I am giving them the benefit of the doubt that they were some of the few honest cops and haven't been profiting from marijuana while they were cops, other than their paycheck)
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    CalyxCrusher Well-Known Member

    The only fact finding this degenerate of a human did was finding out how lucrative it would be for him financially. This proves once again that he is a man not to be trusted. He's basically stated he thinks medical patients are liars and was just fine using that line of thinking to help gim sleep at night while he arrested the sick for their use of cannabis. All of a sudden he's alright with it if he can have you money

    If any LP should be protested its this company. Constantly followed to public events and shamed for trying to lie their way to compassion.

    growforyou Member

    I wonder where they got the money to become an LP??
    Last I know of, it seemed like you would need a lot just to get through the application process

    bigmanc Well-Known Member


    It’s a company of services. Not an LP but they do have Dr to sign you to a LP. How exactly did they get Government TV time for this? no other LP mill gets this kind of treatment. Lol in Vaughn...no organized crime in that neck of the woods huh
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    Gquebed Well-Known Member

    Funny thing about ignorance is that it can be corrected. All that is required is solid knowledge.

    The funny thing about that is... solid knowledge and evidence can change opinions.

    So a cop who likely grew up hearing all kinds of propaganda about how bad weed is and all the crime that comes from it has his opinion formed at a very young age that weed is bad. Then he grows up gains some knowledge and sees some evidence and changes his mind. That's called intelligence...

    People who don't change their opinions as they gain knowledge are stupid.

    So the question here is... is this cop being sincere or is he just taking advantage?

    I suspect the latter...

    VIANARCHRIS Well-Known Member

    You don't suddenly have a 180 flip on a black & white subject like cannabis after a career of being police chief without money being the motivator. These fucking idiots are sickening - Fantino's the goof that walked out on veterans rather than face criticism as minister-in-charge. The guy is a lowlife piece of trash.

    Swealee New Member

    Fill me in, anyone to help me out?

    CalyxCrusher Well-Known Member

    About what?
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    cannadan Well-Known Member

    welcome swealee....we will try....

    as far as this story goes...is anyone actually surprised??? that these guys who are being handed... a back door key...to an LP business
    and have exactly zero experience in the mmj field...
    .somehow these guys,,, try to seem like they are all involved now,and have gained enough knowledge about mmj to try and help medical patients....with their ailments....via the employee's they hire...
    total sham....and its basically them being handed a golden ticket via their old boys (police) club.
    thinking that they will drift off into their retirements as billionaires....
    Man I sincerely...and I mean sincerely...hope that the whole LP industry fails so miserably that all of those who have invested in this scheme
    lose everything...absolutely everything.
    except for the huge stockpiles of swag bud...they can keep them for themselves

    gb123 Well-Known Member

    Karma will see the fucks in an early grave..
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    VIANARCHRIS Well-Known Member

    Lead poisoning?
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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    they've already had lobotomy's but (:

    growforyou Member

    sorry..........I can't hold my tongue about this.

    I always assume everyone knows cops are dumb. (to the cops that monitor this site......this is a fact so please don't get mad and raid me)
    I've been reading stories about high IQ applicants being rejected by various police forces both in Canada and the US for at least 20 years now. I suppose the IQ test is part of the qualification process of being chosen to be a cop.

    you can google 'cop low IQ' to see for yourself

    I know it sounds crazy to think they'd want a bunch of dummies policing the population. But I think they need robot like enforcers who will do what they're told when they're told to do it without question or hesitation.

    I think they were told pot was evil in cop school, so they enforced it wholeheartedly. Then their boss, the gov't told them that pot was ok, so they took that to heart. Kind of like little puppets.

    So when I see the words 'cop' and 'intelligence' used in close proximity it is hard for me to ignore.
    sorry if it comes across like a rant, guess it kind of is lol

    But yeah, still super hypocritical to even consider going from one extreme to the other imo
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    Gquebed Well-Known Member

    I know several cops. Good friends with a few from childhood. Very few cops are stupid. Naive maybe. But not stupid.

    Thats not to say that there are not stupid cops. Theres plenty of those... just as there are in any line of work. But they are far from the majority.

    But youre right about them being profiled/screened for a personality type that are willing to take orders and follow them.
    Also, with so many of them retiring these days filing those positions as fast as they come up has been difficult, so the bar has been lowered. Too much. Not only do need to have the ability to take orders blindly like the military you also need to have the right temperment... to tolerate retards all day long... which is extremely hard to find. And so... the result is a lower quality of policing over all...

    Now this cop we are talking about...what kind of cop is he? A hypocrite? Or one smart enough to not only follow orders, but to also realize that risking your life everyday for 75k a year is a bad deal and recognize a better, safer opportunity for him and his family that pays more and doesnt involve shift work?

    The laws are changing and he is rolling with it and taking advantage? Who can blame him? Maybe he was a cop that hated busting guys for weed but had to anyway? Maybe he turned a blind eye to weed like one of my cop friends does and smokes it himself? I know i got off more thanba few times because the cop just didnt view weed as an evil that needed to be fought.

    Cant just assume he is a bad guy....dont know him...
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2017
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    CalyxCrusher Well-Known Member

    Its a job where you are trained to manipulate people via their feelings or lying. Not all the time but it is a part of the job. Almost all lines of interrogation whether minor or major apply to this. The whole"ok man we spoke to your friend and he said you did it". Then they go to your friend and say the same about you hoping youll get angry and snitch.

    There's a big reason to distrust a profession at least to a degree when something requires them to break a simple act of trust through lying in order to find out the truth. Because they dont believe you to begin with, but its supposed to be innocent until proven guilty......... So then why do they use this logic of turning people against each other to get answers?
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    WHATFG Well-Known Member

    Those leopards changed their spots.
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