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Can somebody help me choose a T5 set up? =]

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by monkeeboi69, Jul 23, 2010.


    monkeeboi69 Well-Known Member

    hi im looking to buy a t5 set up and well there's a lot of them and i was wondering if anybody has any reviews or personal experience with them or in anyway send me in the right direction? or all they all the same? i was wondering if theres a difference between one HO set up and another? plz help. =]

    Gonzo'dOut71 Active Member

    I have a 4ft long Sunblaze Cool 6500k HO fluro and am loving it. There are a 1000 diff kinds you coul;d go with but for the most they are all similar, youre planning on using them for veg right? As the cool blue spectrum 6500k are typically used for that purpose though there are people who use them for the entire grow, just dont get as big a yeild as you would with MH/HPS and the buds tend to be a bit on the airy wispy side but hey its still bud right. But I would suggest the Sunblaze brand as I can vouch for them. Theyre sizes are:

    They come in 2-foot or 4-foot lengths. Widths vary according to the number of lamps each holds:
    Sun Blaze T5-22: 2 Lamp - 23-1/4'' Long x 6-1/4'' Wide x 2-1/2'' High
    Sun Blaze T5-24: 4 Lamp - 23-1/4'' Long x 10'' Wide x 2-1/2'' High
    Sun Blaze T5-28: 8 Lamp - 23-1/4'' Long x 17-1/2'' Wide x 2-1/2'' High
    Sun Blaze T5-42: 2 Lamp - 47-3/4'' Long x 6-1/4'' Wide x 2-1/2'' High
    Sun Blaze T5-44: 4 Lamp - 47-3/4'' Long x 10'' Wide x 2-1/2'' High
    Sun Blaze T5-46: 6 Lamp - 47-3/4'' Long x 17-1/2'' Wide x 2-1/2'' High
    Sun Blaze T5-48: 8 Lamp - 47-3/4'' Long x 22-1/2'' Wide x 2-1/2'' High

    Hope this helps and good luck bro!

    gobbly Well-Known Member

    There are tons of them. Yes there is a difference between t5 and t5ho, you want the ho. The difference will be watts per inch of bulb. ho is minimal price difference, and more light. you want as long as you have space for, and as many bulbs as you can afford. You want a fixture with individual reflectors, and you want the bulbs as dense as you can get. Typically you mix-n-match bulbs for the spectrum in veg or flower, so there can be a little cost involved in getting bulbs initially.

    Unclejoe51 Member

    Most t5 HO lights have 54 watt bulbs but if you want the ultimate, they now have t5 VHO's out. They run 96 watts per bulb. I also found a place on e-bay that sells cases of t5 HO bulbs for $128/case of 40 bulbs. Thats a really good price because most places want about $9/10 per bulb. He didn't have 6500K's but does have 5000K, 4100K & 3500K. Ya gotta buy more bulbs but if you're planning on being in the game for awhile you'll need them sooner or later.

    monkeeboi69 Well-Known Member

    for sure thank you i bought more reflectors and t5's HO strips for now =]

    bigv1976 Well-Known Member

    Check out HTG Supply and look at their Slimlines. I have the 4 foot 6 bulb and it is awesome. $215

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