Can plants breath ozone (03)

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    BIG.BLAZIN Active Member

    Basically Just the topic..

    Looking for a good way to cover up smell, would a ozone (03) Generator B a good idea/investment?


    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    Its a little debated but ozone generators in a grow area can kill your plants. You can use them outside but not iside as it will damage your plant and even cause death.
    Father Jack

    Father Jack Well-Known Member

    A proper ozone properly will not kill your plants..or you.

    Do a little will know how much ozone your machine emits...and run it on a you stay within the safe levels. Most units made for homes don't go over the limit anyways. Ozone machines also create CO2...which the plants like.


    PlatinumKasse Well-Known Member

    fuck what he said, too many novice users get ozone damage and then think it's something else, besides, unless you're prepared to build a baffle box and exit for the ozone, then dont even consider it, especially if smell isn't even a problem yet.. you may not ever need it.. ozone is fkn wack, go with carbon filtering ONLY... people know the smell of ozone, you might as well say "here's a scent, but i won't tell u what it is cuz it's hidden with my OZONE! K?!!!" OZONE doesn't fool anyone that needs fooling..

    BIG.BLAZIN Active Member

    Carbon filter it is then.


    akramtona Well-Known Member

    I asked about ozone before too and never got a clear answer. I decided to go for it and use an older unit I had laying around. I started with it outside the closet I was growing in about ten feet from the plants when the doors were open. I kept tuning until I did not smell the girls and also did not smell heavy ozone. Now the girls have outgrown the closet the way it was setup so they are out in the room about 2 feet from the generator and have had no problems from it at all. Now the fucking gnats are another story. Just when I think they are gone they come back even harder. Maybe some strains are more succeptable to ozone damage but rest assured mine have done just fine and I run it 24 hours a day seeing how it only pulls half an amp.

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    Well use it if you want google marijuana ozone damage and you will see what it does. It will cause burns and brown and yellow necrosis which poisons the plants. I know 1 person who uses o3 who said they havent had an issue but I have seen what it does and read a few articles that tested it and if anyone wants to chance thier plants feel free.I personally would advise against it

    akramtona Well-Known Member

    I would be willing to bet that the ones who burned their plants with ozone damage had their units cranked up big time. I have read allot of articles on ozone and found that most plants love ozone as long as the concentrations are not too high. As with anything ie; too much light,water or nutes can be harmful to plants. After my research I settled on the fact that it was up to me to find out at what point too much was too much. I have not found any evidence at all showing that my plants have been ill affected by the ozone. I did however tune my machine so it give me my desired effect and also is not overloading the area per the manufacturers instructions. I just want to share my real world findings since most people who argue against it have never used it. It is understandable since the units cost so much. Mine was $500 about ten years ago. I had it sitting around and decided to quit listening to the debates and just do it. Glad I did. I don't mind being the guinea pig. I was with led's and went running to more traditional methods. I hope my lessons will help others.So I will recommend the ozone generators. :blsmoke:

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    Like I say to each thier own but I have seen to manyy damaged plants from direct ozone generator contact. They are good outside the room at the exit of a carbon scrubber though. Id suggest using Odor Killer the product

    akramtona Well-Known Member

    What kind of unit were they using? Mine is one of those wood cabinet living air units. I have seen dozens of different kinds and wonder if they put out allot more ozone. I have to go look at mine when the lights come back on to see how many cubic feet it will do. They still make the ones I have and they still look like they have a sweet seventies design. My mother was actually the one to buy it 10 years ago and I could not believe she paid 500 bucks for that piece of shit. It does work like a mofo though.She gave it to me since she didn't use it anymore. Does the pic in the plant problems and cures accurately show ozone burn?

    Mindmelted Well-Known Member

    I have had no issues with mine.In fact the plants seem to like it.

    poopmaster Well-Known Member

    I googled for ozone damaged MJ pics and didn't see but one and it said it was rare.

    tonylarock Member

    bought ozone from eBay coming this week, I will let you know how it works for me, im going to set it for 5 minutes every hour in my bedroom <my babies are in the closet of my bedroom> I was reading about some wack job who put ozone through his bubble stone to oxygenate the roots of plant for 30 days straight, eventuality the plant died, died!, wtf of course it would die! My 7 year old son would figure that out! Let me stick your face in ozonated water for 30 days and see what could happen. To much neg vibe on ozone generators, ill keep you guys posted and see if i get sick cough or if plants get affected Ecuador

    g13hydo Active Member

    why dont you just smoke in your grow room i do it and it works great for me :P

    tonylarock Member

    well its march 30, 2010, i havent died nor has my family from using ozone, nobody is sick nobody is coughing My plants are beautiful no yellow leaves or brown leaves, plants havent died awsome yield beautiful color, people who say ONLY use carbon because you and the plants will die or get sick. is bull put it to the test. and the MYTH IS BUSTED! ozone works just dont have it running 24/7

    frenetic420 Well-Known Member

    i to have a ozone generator that i run outside my tent. i keep a fan in front of it to dissipate it and move it around the house. i have zero smell and my plants are fine. i have an apartment and its an open floor plan so its kinda one big room. as long as you have a fan near it and fresh air coming into your house your fine. i leave my balcony door open 24/7 so theres plenty of air coming in and mixing

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