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Can I Vegetate with HPS?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by hwy420, Oct 6, 2009.


    hwy420 Well-Known Member

    Hey Everyone; I apologize for my newbiness, but I had a couple of questions.

    I know that for vegetating, a Metal Halide on 16/8 light schedule is optimal.

    I know that for flowering, a High Pressure Sodium bulb on 12/12 light schedule is optimal.

    My questions are:
    1.) Can I vegetate with a High Pressure Sodium bulb on a 16/8 light schedule?
    2.) Can I flower with a Metal Halide bulb on a 12/12 light schedule?

    I need to know whether or not I have to buy a 600W Metal Halide bulb to vegetate my clones for a week before putting them into 12/12 flowering. Thanks in advance!
    Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Well-Known Member

    1) Yes
    2) Yes

    Some people say that HPS for veg makes plants stretch; I don't agree, and use a 400HPS for vegging because I like the additional lumens it throws off (no stretching problems at all).

    Also, not sure where you got the 16/8 schedule - many growers use 18/6 (I go 24/0), but 16/8 is not nearly as common.

    Good luck.
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    SCI Well-Known Member

    you can veg or flower with either hps and mh
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  4. Thats all I use and if you want you can use a MH in a HPS ballast but I wouldnt go any lower than 18/6

    c5rftw Well-Known Member

    of course you can... use more blue light in veg than red light but uses twice the red light during flowering than vegging
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    c5rftw Well-Known Member

    yah its 18/6 not 16/8

    hwy420 Well-Known Member

    Awesome guys; thanks so much for the clarification! So now I know that different stages are dependent on light schedule and not the light spectrum.

    YAY!!! Sorry; I made a typo with the 16/8 lol. +REP To all of you!!!!

    JimmyPot Well-Known Member

    It was not that long ago when MH was the best lights hps has came a long way.
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    c5rftw Well-Known Member

    for real. really the best right now... all around that is...btw, i cant stop starring at your avatar

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