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Can i use bio-bloom?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by tommii, Dec 2, 2012.


    tommii Member

    Im only going one plant and its my first time trying. its only for personal use and money is very limited.
    Iv only been feeding my plant water though its veg stage and now im thinking about flowering i know i gota get nutes. iv been looking around and for the uk bio-bloom looks good (npk 2-6-3.5)
    i want to know if i can just start adding it (1ml to every liter) to my plant next time i water or if i needed to use the bio-grow first and if so what can i give it though the flowering stage.

    drcucumber Active Member

    you can use bloom alone. If you are still vegging then use a small amount.

    Opm Active Member

    If is a small plant, I would start 1/4 strength then work your way up. If you are using potting soil with fertilizer in it, then I wouldn't fertilize until you see signs of deficiency.

    You can use bloom all the way through.

    Agito Well-Known Member

    actually biobizz fish mix by itself will works better ive done it many time

    tommii Member

    Cheers for the fast responses, this next toke is for you guys :)
    so im still vegging atm, what yous are saying is i can actually use a little amount of bloom while its veg then when i decide to flower just give it the correct amount?
    the soil has abit of fertilizer init so im abit unsure when il notice its run out and safe to add more...

    drcucumber Active Member

    Grow has NPK of 8-2-6,
    Bloom has NPK of 2-6-3.5
    (Nitrogen - Phosphorous - Potassium)

    So a certain amount of bloom will have 3 x much Phosphorous (P) as grow.
    Since it is obviously better to underdose than to overdose, dose your plant so that it has the right amount of Phosphorous for it's stage and size, and then simply accept that it will be receiving a less than ideal dose of Nitrogen (25%) and Potassium (58%) for the time that it is vegging.
    When you start flowering, you are in business.

    In other words, to err on the safe side, dose with 1/3 as much as you would with grow.
    Garden weeds

    Garden weeds Active Member

    I am a UK grower too. I use the whole Bio-Bizz range and it works great for me. The range is organic anyway so you cant go far wrong. Yes you can use the bloom all the way through, although i would go for the whole range, you can pick it up for £20-£30 !! GW

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