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Can I trim the larger buds at the top and let the bottom finish growing?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Ohi, Dec 30, 2011.


    Ohi Member

    This is my first grow4x4 tent600 watt hpstent next to window during winter for air circulation temperature is not too hoti dont really know how long they have been flowering. i must have planted the seen 6 months ago and then cloned them, have got some other threads kicking around.there are 6 left 2011-12-30_13-22-07_5.jpg 2011-12-30_13-22-30_191.jpg 2011-12-30_13-23-37_10.jpg 2011-12-30_13-23-51_15.jpg QUESTION:could I crop the top nugs when the trichomes are ready and let the bottom finish?the camera on the droid 2 failsthe hairs are at best 50/50 red/white in some of the nugsi am feeding it a bunch of molasses along with CalMag+ and some nutrients, along with a couple shots of shooting powder a few feedings ago. lots of the fan leaves are turning yellow, is this normal? I snipped a few of the dead ones off already.will the big nugs keep growing or should i snip them off and lower the light? After trimming can I put them under 24 hour light to help the stems supporting the smaller nugs grow?thanks

    cues Well-Known Member

    Yes you can trim the tops off first. Dont expect the bottom ones to grow as big though.
    Fan leaves yellowing are normal.
    Keep at 12/12. 24 hr light will just stop the flowering.

    resinousflowers Well-Known Member

    you can harvest the top buds when theyre ready and leave the lower ones to finish off.but keep the light schedule 12/12,dont change it to 24/0 otherwise your plants will try to reveg.
    and the fan leaves turning yellow near harvest time is normal.dont give them any more nutrients if your harvesting soon.

    Theophagy Well-Known Member

    If you put it back under 24 hours of light is will try to start vegging again. Just how much is a bunch of molasses? you can over do the molasses, I usually only give one feeding of molasses during flowering.
    Looks like a successful first grow.

    Ohi Member

    i put about 2 tables spoons of molasses in each gallon of water along with a splash of calMag+ and nutrients. I have just been eyeballing the amounts keeping it within the range in the instructions. I was under the impression that i could molasses every water and it would make the buds larger. Since the first time my friend gave them molasses they grew fatter OVER NIGHT... maybe it would keep working like that.

    so I will not give them any more nutrients at the end of the week, then just some water to flush before cutting the buds that are done.

    there were 3 little plants that I harvested, just tiny clones that started to bud with the rest. They were all 3 in the same smartpot, hung them up now they are curing. the bud is sticky icky and works well, I very much understand the need to flush because when smoked the bud leaves lots of black ash behind. deffo not medical quality.

    will all the fan leaves fall off and I will just be growing the buds under the light?
    The large buds are going to have no fan leaves soon, while the bottom still have them.
    Should I take the tops off when there are no fan leaves to feed the buds light? That way the bottom fan leaves on the smaller shoots can get more attention?

    I'd like to get a seed or two, can I turn one of the bottom buds (or where ever the seeds come from) into producing a seed? I read if the plant goes through lots of shock like chopping the top off and might produce some seeds...

    very interested in how much this is going to produce dried...

    this is a good way for maximizing yield right?
    i do realize i need to find out for myself, but is this common practice.?. I cannot find much about it.

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