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Can I top yet??

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Smoke1,2,3, Jun 21, 2013.


    Smoke1,2,3 Member

    I don't have a lot of grow area can I top my plant now?

    Nitro1990 Active Member

    are you taking the piss? thats about 3 weeks old and no you cant unless you wish to kill it

    MrEDuck Well-Known Member

    That's big enough to top UB style for 2 or 4 colas. You've got 4 nodes. I would feed it and wait a little bit. The tops are going to get way taller than that and that plant needs to be fed. Get her healthy first.

    prosperian Well-Known Member


    mycomaster Well-Known Member

    The way that plant looks, if you start choppin on her you'll kill her bro. You need to feed her a little, and get her healthy enough to start working on her. If you cut her up and she doesn't have enough root system to support the loss of foliage she's a gonner or will grow so slow she might as well just die. You can always grow her out a little and chop to a lower node later after she's healthier. It would take about the same time as cutting her now and having the slow growth forever. Just some thoughts. Peace out.

    Markob Well-Known Member

    How old is your plant ?.

    OGkushNC Well-Known Member

    Before u go chopping away u need to get her healthy first and get some solid lighting man if u top that thing now the chanecs are it'll prob die

    Smoke1,2,3 Member

    Ok thanks I will wait a few more weeks then top

    PeaceGrow Member

    yes she needs to can some strength and grow some more nodes before you think about topping her, also what size pot is she in now? Topping can be done twice for a total for 4 colas if done correctly, im sure you know this because you are not asking HOW to top but IF you can, once again for sure wait, but as long as she is Vegging you can top her, Just NEVER top a flowering plant (hope any of this helped) Good luck buddy!!

    RIKNSTEIN Well-Known Member

    Ya, I'm gona call bullshit on ppl tellin you not to top...here's my very first cross breed bean , it wasn't doing to good UNTIL I topped it... 070.jpg 071.jpg now she's taking off and doing good going into her 3rd week...usually they're bigger by now...oh well it was my first attempt at pollination

    Smoke1,2,3 Member

    Ricknstein thanks I'm gonna try see what happens what's the worst I have to start over
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    RIKNSTEIN Well-Known Member

    There ya go man, you'll learn for sure, we all started somewhere :weed:

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