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Can i store my weed in the fridge?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by whitewidow2, Oct 3, 2010.


    whitewidow2 Well-Known Member

    I have dried it out for 2 weeks and put it in a mason jar and stuck it in the fridge for freshness as i find that sometimes when i try to cure it it can go a funky "hay like" smell which i dont like

    so will it be good in the fridge for freshness?

    Brimi Well-Known Member

    Keeping it in the fridge or freezer is a great way to store your marijuana. As long as the jars are completely air tight freezer will keep your potency for a waay longer time.

    whitewidow2 Well-Known Member

    Ok man so would you recommend the fridge or the freezer then... just had a smell of the jar which has been in the fridge for a day and it still smells nice and sweet

    Brimi Well-Known Member

    Definitely the freezer will keep it. After it's cured this is the best way to keep the cannabinoids from degrading. Remember if you have it in the fridge to keep it in a dark bag - or put duct tape or black paint or something on the jar - lights degrade the canniboids really fast.

    Ronjohn7779 Well-Known Member

    You might want to make sure the weed is a bit more cured before it hits the fridge. If it's excessively moist it will rot. Aside for that storing weed in the fridge or freezer is totally fine. People on here have smoked 5-10 year old weed vacuumed saved in the freezer totally fine. The weed will be a bit smashed but totally smokeable.
    Amanita Versicula

    Amanita Versicula Member

    of course it will be fine in the FRIDGE but you knew that~didn't ya?
    SEE I knew ya knew the response & replied because I was just "passin by"
    Uncle Ben

    Uncle Ben Well-Known Member

    Agree, good advice. For long term storage you don't want to store "wet" weed. Take it out of the freezer and it'll look like limp spinach.

    Enemies of THC are heat, light, air.

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    Don't do the freezer. You'll get kief everywhere.. Also its hard to keep it dry

    playermic Active Member

    Weed in the fridge may retain whatever smells that's in your fridge. But it may prolong the freshness, or, preserve the vegetable matter and prevent it from drying out prematurely

    tyson53 Well-Known Member

    I store my jars in a wine fridge i bought just for that...it keeps it at around 50 degrees...I vacuum seal my jars with a food saver attachment..it can hold about 20 half gallon jars...I am still smoking some of last years harvest and its as good as the day I put it in there...I put some in the freezer years ago...not good...seems the trics froze off the buds..and when you opened a jar it would condensate and weed felt wet ..any cool dark place is good...
    Uncle Ben

    Uncle Ben Well-Known Member

    Yep, a freezer is not a good choice UNLESS you cure it properly and process it properly to keep it from going thru freeze/thaw cycles. Fridge is best and if you're really anal about it you can displace the air with inert gas. I buy these 3 at a time for wine and for times I use tung oil varnishes which will gel if exposed to air. http://www.amazon.com/Enthusiast-Private-Preserve-Preservation-Spray/dp/B0000DCS18

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