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Can i make butter with my male?

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by OGKush:D, Jun 28, 2013.


    OGKush:D Member

    Hey guys, i just pulled my male out of the ground about 8 weeks into flowering, and i have no idea what to do with it. I was thinking that i can make some butter with the leaves or pollen sack???

    roseypeach Well-Known Member

    males have literally no thc compared to females and the scant amount they do have isn't enough to make suitable butter. Hope that helps!

    smokeytokeybear Well-Known Member

    pssshh, i beg to differ, if i have make plants i grow.them through 12/12 till they get done stretching
    and then i chop them down, allpollen sacks or balls are removed, thwn i strip
    down the plant taking every leaf, put in to ziplock over night in freezer, next day
    i boil about 4-5cups of water or so with 4 sticks of butter, then i liquify the butter
    in a pot with the water boiling ,as i do that i bake all the trim from the male plant
    in the oven in 200 degrees for about 5 mins, then i drop the water butter mixture
    down tosimmer and drop all the trim in, i simmer generally from 45-60 mins
    i dont mind my butter being green haha, but afterwards strain the mixture to separate

    BluJayz Well-Known Member

    Yes, you can make stuff with males. Cannabis plants get their THC making abilities in the roots.

    However genetics and gender contribute to intensity. (Like human males have little estrogen and females have little testosterone; but they don't have dicks and we don't have tits).

    The sacks will do you no good remove them.

    You could also pulverize the entire DRY plant and make a "flour" to bake with.

    roseypeach Well-Known Member

    Wow, I've never heard of consuming the males. Most ppl say that the thc is low and not worth it.
    The only two times I made butter was with girl stuff and it wasn't strong enough for butter, I got nothing out of it :(

    BluJayz Well-Known Member

    Some like myself want to use every part of every plant. No waste, most of the sub-products contain little THC but still have other CB's that can benefit from.

    Also you can increase the potency by using more plants.

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