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can i grow pot & tomatoes together outdoors?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by gslimm, Feb 26, 2009.


    gslimm Active Member

    I just wanted to know, if i could grow marijuana and tomatoe plants,side by side,in my garden outside without any problems...

    Dirtfree Well-Known Member

    Sure why not?

    ginnyman2011 Active Member

    yea i think you cAN

    tokinman Well-Known Member

    as far as care goes they both like the same stuff.. very similar to grow.. as long as there is enough space, i wouldn't see why not!

    MELODIC Active Member

    a couple of my buddies do that

    dollabill840 Active Member

    yeah man tomatoes and weed even look alike many ppl plant them together to hide them " out in the open " hell about 9 years ago the cops were at my house checking out my grand mothers tomato plants cause they were growing so big from the road passing by they thought is was weed good thing they didnt come in

    gslimm Active Member

    yeah 4-sho,thanks alot for the replies peoples..1 luv

    Jester88 Well-Known Member

    yup its an old italian trick (well thats generally who uses it around where i live lol)

    one a tomatoe,and a one a ganja a few more tomatoes and well plant some more ganja..

    youll be fine giv it some different ferts around the fore the weed and in bud season use the tomatoe ferts there excellent... their high in phosphorous and high in potassium (this wil help the buds swell nicely)

    floridasucks Well-Known Member

    i had some cherry tomatoes growing on the right side of these plants...


    johnwashburnx30 Well-Known Member

    man that is a really nice picture there. reminds me of when i used to live in the trailer park when i was a kid. spray paint, that stack of bricks there brings the whole thing together. then the huge ass buds on that plant.....nice.

    i'm growing tomatoes along with my weed in my closet using cfls. so far they are doing really good. Itallian trick eh? thats cool. reminds me of pasta sauce, i also heard somewhere that if you have other herbs by your weed, it gives it flavour, like oregano maybe, speaking of pasta sauce.
    i have a freind who grows all kinds of herbs around her tomatoes, they soak those potent flavours right up, so im sure weed would do an even better job of that.

    someone should try to grow some sort of Italian blend. would be delicious man.

    jellero Well-Known Member

    sounds like a recipe for making aphids, at least in a greenhouse and i won't be using up the little gh space i have on tomatoes. a great tomato for short seasons is the rutgers, like 60 days and no need for a gh. a determinate variety i believe. the indeterminate types can get huge and if grown with supports can make a nice border to hide the mj. speaking of italians, i had one give me a bottle of the dago wine these guys make around here plus some italian beans that grow to 15' if you let them. j

    ogreballerina Well-Known Member

    If you throw some Rosemary and Chili plants ( And A few potted Chrysanthemums flowers ) in your garden, bad bugs stay pretty much gone.
    If you throw some Cilantro in there you could harvest weed and make salsa all at the same time....Ole !

    My only concern with tomatoes is they do attract a lot of bugs, especially caterpillars, aphids and assorted ilk.

    I surround my beds ( veggies and weed ) with above plants, Interlacing rosemary along the rows. Since it really doesn't need a lot of light and prefers the cool shade. Pretty much bug free.

    But of you keep an eye on it and remove tomatoes timely, It shouldn't pose a danger.

    Bugs can smell tomatoes from really far away....especially ripe or rotting ones.

    Resinman1921 Member

    So similar. I also grow a few toms with my mj. Obviously i concentrate on my beloved mj the most but the tomatos handle the exact same feed schedule. I would probly feed my toms slightly different if grown on there own but im happy growing together. I havent grown toms indoors though. I grow them with mj during outdoor season. Im in australia and i go by plant fathersday pick mothersday. Obviously not to exact days but great rule of thumb

    William1976 Active Member

    I do. I just train plant to run along the ground, stems growing upwards. Perfect camo....smell is another thing.

    Resinman1921 Member

    Sorry mate are you saying you run your mj or tomatos along ground.
    I do this on plenty of my grows also. Never on my toms though.

    William1976 Active Member

    Well, I just never let the height of the herb get higher than the tomato, is all I'm saying.

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