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Can i get spider mites in a PC Grow box ?

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by BiG BuDs NoW, May 5, 2010.

    BiG BuDs NoW

    BiG BuDs NoW Member

    Hey im wondering if i can get spider mites in a pc grow box ? and if i can how do i control the little shits haha :P

    blondemilf4hydro Member

    sure they can get anywhere, no matter how careful you are. i love my ladybugs, they eat all the bad guys
    BiG BuDs NoW

    BiG BuDs NoW Member

    :( i just bought one and im worried about getting them . . . how do i prevent them from getting in ? or what measures shall i take ? ?

    golddog Well-Known Member

    There are all kinds of things to control them after you get them, and most only buy time while you are flowering.

    1st - make sure your grow box is completely clean !

    2nd - get a HOT-SHOT NO-PEST STRIP and put it in your box. Leave it in there for a week. (The life cycle of Spider Mites is about 4 days). Then take it out and put it in a plastic bag (in case you want to use it later). There will be no bugs in your box.

    This should help you out. They contain Dichlorvos: 18.6% as the active ingredient so don't break open the plastic and eat it. This is the active ingredient in Flea Collars. A warning against exposure over 4 hours is on the label, so it is best used in an enclosed area, like your PC box.

    3rd - The Spider Mites like heat and low humidity. This means you will usually see them when you are in flower.

    4th - Don't bring in any Spider Mites from the outside. :weed:
    BiG BuDs NoW

    BiG BuDs NoW Member

    thanks for the advise :) ill try my best haha :P hope i dont get it,

    if i spray my plant with a hard struck of water every 4 days will that help ? because spider mites hate water ! :P

    and if i spray water on the buds will they get effected ? ?
    ss your outta here

    ss your outta here New Member

    yes spider mites are tiny, its not like they can't fit

    golddog Well-Known Member

    There is lot's of stuff available commercially to kill Spider Mites, like Doktor Doom (natural) spray and bomb, Neem Oil (natural) and some others which are very effective (but lose there effectiveness and need to be changed up). Or put a garbage bag over them and give them straight CO2.

    But Obviously, the real key is to watch your plants closely. Many people are not paying attention and then all of the sudden there are mites and webs all over their plants. That's when they are very hard to control or beyond control.

    If you catch them early, they are pretty easy to deal with :weed:
    BiG BuDs NoW

    BiG BuDs NoW Member

    i know there are some stuff that kill them out but i live in a really bad country that doesnt have much for anything! . ...
    i live in cypurs its near greece and its really hard to find the right things -.-
    but ill watch my plant closely and spray them with a mister.
    and im putting my p.c grow box high above so its not on the floor with plastic underneath it .

    but the only big problem for me is pests! :( because i cant find the right solution here. . ..

    golddog Well-Known Member

    If I had access to none of the other stuff, then I would look for a product which has "0.2% pyrethrin" this is a natural product (made from flowers) and should be available anywhere (who knows) or something with "Dichlorvos" like Flea Collars for dogs or cats.

    Good Luck:leaf:

    YGrow Active Member

    I don't know anyone who grows indoors who has "caught" mites on their own. In almost every situation I've seen over the years, the grower got mites in their garden from a clone they brought in that already had them. Most people I know that get clones from others put them into isolation for the first week or so they have them, so they can watch them for mites. If you're growing from seed and you don't ever take your plants outside, you'll probably never get mites. People who grow outdoors can get mites from the environment, but it almost never happens indoors, in my experience.

    smifnwessun Active Member

    I am growing entirely indoors and I saw one mite today in my soil and I have no contact with outdoor soil or plants all of my soil was purchased from the store i think they have the ability to hibernate in soil that's the only thing i can come up with.

    YGrow Active Member

    This still supports my theory that you can't get mites from them just coming into your grow from the outside world, on their own. There were most likely some eggs that had been laid in the soil you bought. The point I'm making is that if you don't bring mites into your grow on a clone or soil or whatever, they simply can't make it all the way from the outside world to your plants on their own. If you think about the relative size difference it's like you walking from New York to LA just to get something to eat. You'd starve before you got there.

    max316420 Well-Known Member

    Spider Mites – White spots on the tops of cannabis leaves can mean spider mites underneath. Spider mites although hard to detect early on, become increasingly apparent in very short order. The mites are somewhat clear and become darker after they feed off the marijuana leaf cells. When you squash them they will smear green. These insects multiply very fast and are resistant to many pesticides. Some of the best named organic or synthetic pesticides have little or no effect against the mites. Mites are easily transplanted into grow spaces as they are very common in nature. MAKE SURE TO CHECK ALL CLONES very closely before bringing them into your room. Also, less visits to the room can dramatically cut down on the exposure. Lawnmowers or recently used garden items can bring them in as well. I don’t advise growing in garages or garden sheds.
    A marijuana plant infected with mites will soon lead to an infested garden. Although you can effectively fight off the negative effects on the appearance of the plant, you will pay the consequence. Trying hard to keep the cannabis plants healthy will ultimately just lead to a lot of work with really crappy yields. The plants will become so stressed from the constant barrage of parricidal feeding that they will expire all there energy just trying to stay alive. This means there won’t be a lot of effort left for producing gigantic, sticky, stinky nugs.

    YGrow Active Member

    ^^This is exactly what I'm talking about.

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