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Can i get a medical marijuana card for diabetes?

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by striker87413, Jun 27, 2009.


    striker87413 Member

    I am diabetic and i want to know if u can get a card for having it. i have heard u can but i dont know. maybe it just depends on the doctor

    tom__420 Well-Known Member

    I am not sure to be honest man. The doctors might shy away from it because of the munchy factor and that you might wanna eat a lot of sugary sweets :bigjoint: Just kidding bro, my family has a lot of diabetes so I am around it a lot. Maybe try looking on norml.com to find a doc around you that can answer some of your questions. Good luck dude, and welcome to RIU :peace::leaf:

    mizu345 Active Member

    Yes you can, I got my Medical Card in California for ADHD

    approved list of conditions treated with cannabis http://www.mcsocal.com/docs/chronic_conditions_treated_with_cannabis.pdf

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