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Can I freeze cannabutter?

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by moneyoverall, Dec 21, 2008.


    moneyoverall Active Member

    i just made some and i want to speed up the proccess where the water seperates from the butter. would freezing help or make things worse?

    Californiaman Active Member

    Don't know. I know you can afterwards without problems. I just kept my bowl in the fridge it cooled and then transferred it.

    Let me know if freezing directly works!

    bts420 Well-Known Member

    bump bump, can you freeze the cannabutter to solidify the butter faster and separate it from the water?

    lexros Active Member

    i have seen a video on youtube where a guy does this so i guess it works
    i have just made a batch of cannabutter and was tempted but decided to play safe and put it in the fridge

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