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Can I dry my buds in my Grow Tent??

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by rlourens, Jan 27, 2010.


    rlourens Active Member

    My grow tent has perfect places at the top to hang bud for drying.

    Will I be able to hang the buds to dry while I am growing other plants in the same tent?

    FileError404 Active Member

    Sorry, no. Drying has to be done in a DARK place. It should be in the low 70s with indirect airflow.

    the75bag Active Member

    yup you can flash dry an 8th like that so you can have a little to smoke but you hopefully have some hash or oil to get you through

    rlourens Active Member

    I am still like 10 weeks away from harvesting, just wanted to get some advice. Thanks for the input.

    sambo020482 Well-Known Member

    if you mean inside the tent then why not??? its dark u can control temp/humidity so why not?

    i dried my last grow inside a tent.
    Cheech Wizard

    Cheech Wizard Well-Known Member

    Yeah, you can dry in the tent when you are ready to harvest everything. But, not when you still have live plants growing. I use a veg tent and a flower tent. I start a batch in veg a month before harvest, then move those into flower tent and harvest whats in flower tent and hang to dry in veg tent. perfect system for me. I harvest about 8 oz's every 2 months
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    natrone23 Well-Known Member

    yeah you can indirect light isn't going to hurt your bud.

    Ideally you want it to be in a dark place, but its not going to make a huge difference.......now if you left them out in the sun or directly under and hps it will degrade the thc.

    you could even make something out of cardboard or something to sheild it from the indirect light if you wanted

    resinraider Well-Known Member

    I dry in my tent. I put up a light shield.don't get me wrong, idealy u want a dark dry area but as long as ur humidity isn't too high it will work. Like I said, I do it but Its not the best way to dry ur harvests

    rlourens Active Member

    Thanks to all who replied so swiftly!! I will consider the screen idea! Maybe test it out with a part of the harvest and compare.:leaf:

    connorbrown Well-Known Member

    I dry mine in my room but I have never done it with plants growing.

    HomeGrown420baby Well-Known Member

    get a cardboard box..tie a string from side to side and hang ur buds that way..u can put it in ur tent but u dont want the light to hit ur buds directly..it doesnt have to b pitch dark tho

    Bigol'Bong Well-Known Member

    its better to leave it in the dark as THC breaks down with exposure to lights
    420 swede

    420 swede Active Member

    BS, it should be pitch black just as much as it need to be dark during "night time" in 12/12.

    HomeGrown420baby Well-Known Member

    only DIRECT light and it has to be a mh or hps or floro or uvb..a regular house bulb wont degrade the thc at all..im just sayin... not sayin ur wrong u just didnt explain..i dry in the dark to but its not pitch dark its just in a closet im my room

    HomeGrown420baby Well-Known Member

    haha still learning huh girl?
    420 swede

    420 swede Active Member

    well, ok it dont need to be pitch black but i guess thats optimal.
    going with alternative theories might work..u might not notice a huge diference but since the original method is dark u should go with it if u gonna dry a large amount of pot imo.
    In my mind ppl saying it can be done in light feels just as much or even less trustworthy as some ppl say u should turn of light 72 hours before harvest to boost thc production.

    to be safe, sure and og u should just go with what is established facts.

    HomeGrown420baby Well-Known Member

    i feel u..i personally wouldnt put it in my tent if i were this guy..unless all the light was blocked out cuz the hps will degrade thc..better safe then sorry
    420 swede

    420 swede Active Member

    haha btw :D i think u got me wrong in an earlier thread...I'm a 21 year old stoner dude.

    Was just saying i should have stated i was a chick in all my threads to get more replies. some of these introvert pro grower stoners that hangs out here dont have time to date between growing and toking so they get just as horny and helpfull over Inet chicks as world of warcraft players :D
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    HomeGrown420baby Well-Known Member

    hahaha yea i thought u were a female when u said that on the lady in distress thread lol.. my bad BRO keep it green

    renyman Active Member

    yea dude, get you some black painters plastic and make a little light proof section in the corner of your tent. just make sure you got some air flow. I'm surprised they dont sell a light proof dry net considering most people i assume dry their buds in their tent with their filter.

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