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Can Earth Juice products "go bad"?

Discussion in 'Organics' started by thafoot, Dec 10, 2012.


    thafoot Active Member

    ive got a few bottles of earth juice grow and bloom that are a few years old, should i toss em? or perhaps brew teas with them?


    ranchos429 Well-Known Member

    I would use them unless they stunk really really bad.

    thafoot Active Member

    what might be an adverse effect from using old organic nutes?

    ranchos429 Well-Known Member

    Pukeing all over the back yard,one really stinky dog......plants seemed to like it though.no way in hell I would of used that stuff indoors.
    Dank Raptor

    Dank Raptor Active Member

    the low ph of the earth juice tends to keep it from expiring. The acidic solution keeps bacteria from growing (my guess) I was told by earth juice that it is not even necessary to use caps on the product. It is completely stable and will not go bad unless its in an extreme environment. They keep samples of every batch ever made for 10 years and according to them the product will not expire.
    Earthjuice has never done me wrong and it has a way of making your buds extra smelly. High brix that your plants will love.

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