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Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by Johnnygrows420, Mar 20, 2017.


    Johnnygrows420 Well-Known Member

    Whats shakin peps..... I know the do's and dont's of auto',s how kjust about everything will stunt the growth and fast usually...... Have an Auto Seeds Candy Kush in 3 1/2 gallon dwc, first time with an auto in a dwc. This this is a thick bush! There is going to be so many popcorn nugs because of the bushiness of this plant.....i knoe ypur not suppose to but ive pinched a number of leaves off her already to try to get light to lower bud sites eill no ill affect on her at all....shes drinkng over a gallon a day. Im using 2- Apollo 180 watt advanced4 full spectrum led's......My question is......had anyone ever sucessfully defoliated an autoflower during flowering? Leaf tucking has worked fine for a few other strains but not this one. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks
    Just Let Me Be Faded

    Just Let Me Be Faded Well-Known Member

    Leaf tucking is best.. I'll take some leafs off if I must.

    nxsov180db Well-Known Member

    Yes. I have 25 Barney's Pineapple Express going in a 4x8 and they overgrew there space in flower, defoliation was the only way to make most of the bud sites available to direct lighting. I know a lot of people say to never defoliate but sometimes you just have to, you can only tuck away so many leaves, and even when you tuck them away those leaves are barely getting any light any more...

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