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California MJ Growers & Smokers on Legalizing MJ

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by dtp5150, May 22, 2010.


Will you vote YES to Legal MJ in CA?

Poll closed Nov 18, 2010.
  1. YES

    28 vote(s)
  2. NO

    19 vote(s)

    cannabis420420 Well-Known Member

    so vote no :D on legalizing it :D

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    looks like, even on a forum full of stoners, it's still a close race. most of those here haven't even taken time to vote. something better change, fast. :neutral:
    Burger Boss

    Burger Boss Well-Known Member

    Would you mind explaining just HOW "we would be all fucked out of a job"?? I'm retired, so no problem there. Let's see...hmmm... my son drives for a large automotive parts house....can't see where he would be affected......So right there are TWO folks who would NOT "be fucked out of a job"! So that removes the "ALL" from your equation. Perhaps you could be a little more specific, I mean just which folks are going to lose employment if this proposition passes?
    I'm thinking just maybe we could be looking at some "NEW" employment coming down the road for a large number of people in the NEW, LEGAL, cannabis industy in CA. BB

    vertise Well-Known Member

    Yea i dont do this for work. Own personal stock.
    Burger Boss

    Burger Boss Well-Known Member

    And so it goes, lol. Down deep in my very suspicious heart, I truly believe that the bulk of the naysayers to this proposition, (in this forum), are making $$ with the status quo, and are terrified of losing their "Cannabis money making teat".
    And again I say, BLOODY SHAME ON THEM!!! BB

    NLXSK1 Well-Known Member

    Plus the tourism industry... CA the new Denmark...

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    the part you fail to realize is legalizing will bring out a HIGHER DEMAND which will be a GOLD RUSH for growers. none of them will be losing any money. your argument holds no water. :neutral:

    Flymolo Member

    And here I was hoping that this community consisted of responsible, compassionate people who are enthusiasts of cannabis...I'm slowly realizing that many just see the words "legal" and "marijuana" next to one another and their eyes pop wide open then flutter like a 5 year old in a candy store. I'm for the full and complete legalization of Marijuana, but this upcoming initiative has the spotty language of a used car sales lot return policy.

    vertise Well-Known Member

    Spotty language is in every new law. The unseen manipulation of the undefined specifics by authority is just a minor inconvenience to a bigger picture. The Bill will be a great step foward. In amsterdam marijuana is not exactly legal, on the books it is still very much illegal. But the authorities ignore and tolerate its sale under certain conditions. For example no one is allowed to buy more then 5 grams at a time from a coffee shop. Any more sold to a individual will most likely result in a tremendous fine and closing of the coffee shop for a specified length of time. Also it is still very much against the law to grow marijuana there. So in my eyes and i have read the prop, its all up to the police who enforce laws, the DA who prosecutes, and the politicians who urge both of these two groups to either follow the law to a T, or be more relaxed and ignore the discrepancies the law may have.
    Burger Boss

    Burger Boss Well-Known Member

    And your position assumes the the current growers would remain in place, doing their various little grows as usual. No thought given to the fact that when "legalization" happens, very large commercial interests will take the field, and "bury" the "old guard growers". And that fdd is what puts "their undies in a bunch", and gives my argument excellent "water holding power"! I also note that you seem to take particular pleasure in sending shots over my bow at any opportunity. I'm not sure just what THAT'S all about. Possibly goes back months ago when I made a post regarding the web site, Bud Trader.com. The post was to see if anyone had "heard" of the site, NOT some solicitation for buying & selling. You jumped right in with "no MOM allowed here. sorry closed". At the time I just shrugged my shoulders and thought what the hell, not worth arguing about, but God knows, I had no "MOM" in mind with that post. One would think that post was "ancient history" now, but now I'm not so sure. BB

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i have no idea what you are talking about. i close a lot of threads, a lot of MOM threads. i don't remember yours specifically. you seem to think i have some grudge or something? i think you are highly mistaken.

    when anyone(over 21) can smoke/buy pot i will be selling A LOT more pot. i'm not worried either way.


    Norcal14 Well-Known Member

    I will vote no if you want to bitch me out go ahead :)
    Burger Boss

    Burger Boss Well-Known Member

    It's YOUR bloody vote, do as YOU wish, I wont "bitch" you out, you have every right to express your opinion at the poll, just as I have the right to vote YES on this issue that means the whole world to me. I grow maybe 12/15 lbs a year for my own use and a little as gifts to family and friends. If Prop. 19 passes, I will no longer be a criminal for doing something that is as natural to me as breathing. And because I make NO profit from my efforts, there is no concern that some "big cannabis tit" is going away. I'm sure that in your mind there some wonderful and well thought out reasons to shoot this down, but I'll be damned if I can figure out what? Hmmmm.... "I can't smoke in front of my kids!.....Well, maybe you SHOULDN'T! And how could ANYONE enjoy the high when knee deep in rugrats.........Huge money making interests will take over the production of commercial cannabis growing! ....... Hey! fine with me...... I will continue as always with MY OWN product and probably the cannabis buying public will be better served with a quality product and no rip-offs. So as I said, it's your vote, and your choice to help the Moral Majority and their ilk to shoot this down, have a nice day.....BB

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