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Cali outdoor crew. Plans for this season?

Discussion in 'California Patients' started by angryblackman, Jan 23, 2013.


    angryblackman Well-Known Member

    Calling mwooten, kushxoj, budologist420, 757growing, DirrtyD, DoubleJJ, Jhod58vw, southsacboy916, NoGutsGrower, and anyone that has been doing work and watching me grow over the last couple years. What do you guys have planned for the 2013 season?

    I am going smaller still. Running Breeders Boutique gear this season starting with the following strains.

    The Dog
    Cheese Surprise
    Sour Cherry
    Qrazy Quake

    I got some clones that one of the members (adower Thanks bro!) hooked me up with and I will be at least running 2 of his ECSD that I have been able to mother over the winter so far. I have plans on meeting up with a couple more of you before the summer starts and looking to score some AOxBlueberry and bluberryxkananga beans as well soon. I hope that you all are having a good winter, are chilling with your summer harvest and look forward to seeing what you guys have planned for this season. :)

    method2mymadness Well-Known Member

    Not really in ur crew but I plan on running bb gear also well not all but some blue pit , then will run some blue dream and sour diesel
    ime up the hill from u towards Tahoe

    angryblackman Well-Known Member

    Welcome. This post is really for anyone in the area. I just want to see what you guys have planned and when you are going to start your grows. It's easier than sifting through the outdoor forum daily waiting for someone to post a thread. :D

    method2mymadness Well-Known Member

    What's ur plan of attack with soil and pots or u going in ground ,,,think Ime going to use vermi crop and smart pots

    method2mymadness Well-Known Member

    Probly start vedging them indoors in march and keep topping them till they go out

    angryblackman Well-Known Member

    Probably 2 in ground and the rest in 15-20 gallon pots with supersoil. I have done well in the past by using Maxsea but I may just go supersoil and water all the way through this time. :) We'll see how things are looking in August.

    mwooten102 Well-Known Member

    I'm either going to do 12 in ground or 100 gallon smart pots. I've been sourcing growing mediums and the costs associated with them so far its looking like 12 smart pots from start to finish will run me around 2k start to finish.

    I'm also going to grow 5-6 plants in 30 gallon smart pots.

    I've yet to decide on what nutrient but it'll either be maxsea or Maxi-gro.

    I'd like to do double dream if I can find clones and I'm going to grow romulan again this year as I've still got mothers off of last years crop. Perhaps blueberry again and I'm not 100% on my other 4 big ones.

    757growin Well-Known Member

    Think I'm gonna go low key as far as recording my garden this year. But, I will be documenting 1 plant that I will be running in a 1000 gal geo or smart pot. Can't remember. I haven't seen any grows in that big of a pot, so we shall see. If there is any let me know. Definately enjoying what is left of the summer goods, but under a unit! May have to do a sping harvest as well. Got a bunch of moms and gonna check out the cannabis cup nex month and see if I can improve my genetics. Will update when I finally make up my mind.

    angryblackman Well-Known Member

    Good to see you guys! Can't wait till you are all up and running! :D
    shynee mac

    shynee mac Well-Known Member

    I got six pineapple OG seeds going been about 30 days maybe more, hoping for females wish me luck....I haven't started feeding yet

    connoisseurde420 Well-Known Member

    doing some hiking in to the woods this year for an experiment in the ground no pots undecided on strains but for sure maui wowie, blue dream

    NoGutsGrower Well-Known Member

    I'm going much smaller this year... No 9 footers... I got a green house and will probably be doing some indoor as well. I'm focusing on the breeding more this year as I grew enough to last me a little while last season. I've been working that orange Og I got from wheezer, I used a male orange og and crossed it with my female blue dream. I also ordered some dj short azure haze (same thing as blue dream just done by the original breeder of blueberry) seeds and I'm crossing them right now with my orange og x blue dream to get a orange og x blue dream x azure haze (blue dream). I the first orange og blue dream cross was still more indica than I wanted so I figured I'd add more blue dream but wanted to use a blue dream male so azure haze it the closest thing to a real blue dream male I'll probably find. Then I will keep inbreeding the orange og as it is a very powerful and has a super strong citrus smell. I'm building my seed stock and trying to make a couple strains that work for me. I'm Focusing on nice medicinal blends! I won't start my seeds for this out door season until the beginning of june, maybe the middle of june depends on the weather outlook. I started them june 1st last year and they were a bit larger than I had planed...

    angryblackman Well-Known Member

    Excellent! I'd like to get a whiff of that if possible. I have heard so much about the nose on the AO that I have to scratch and sniff it. Blueberry x AO should be a damn winner no matter what! :D

    Thanks for posting up. I am just trying to make sure that I see what you all are up to this summer. :D

    Where are you Metasynth! I know you have read this. LOL

    Surfr Well-Known Member

    Sixty 100 gallon smart pots
    Custom soil mix
    Blue Dream, OG, Afghan OG, Cherry Pie, GSC to name a few...
    Oh and light dep.

    Milovan Well-Known Member

    Eighteen 30 Gal. totes all with Blue Dream, GSC and Cherry Pie.

    indicantonio Active Member

    Reading this thread made me realize I don't want to live in an apartment anymore!

    tags420 Well-Known Member

    I am cutting plant count in half and upping pot size from 30gals geo's to 60gals. Had 19 strains last year...this year only keeping 4 around plus a few new ones I got from sub.
    -Pineapple Thai
    -Fire OG
    -Fucking Incredible
    -Blackcherry soda x Blackberry
    -Jesus OG...new tga coming soon.
    -Nurse Jackie...new tga coming soon.

    Metasynth Well-Known Member

    Haha...I was thinking about running an oil crop outdoors this season. My neighbors planted bamboo, cutting my already short direct sunlight time even shorter...so if I want anything of substance outside ths year I either have to plant 30 small plants for an outdoor SOG, or see if my buddy will let me toss a few plants on his land. I figure the SOG would be worth it to just blas in to BHO.

    Been working indoors, trying to get a new 220 line put in before summer so I can possibly get a mini split, or at least a bigger ac unit to cope with the rapidly approaching SoCal summer. You know me and my perpetual harvests...if I'm not trimming a crop every three weeks, something went horribly wrong...lol

    angryblackman Well-Known Member

    Hold on to that Pineapple Thai! I had a cut of it was was not equipped to keep it going. It was an amazing smoke!

    I gotcha man! Just wanted to make sure that you were out there and getting ready. :)

    method2mymadness Well-Known Member

    Where did u get the cherry pie at ?

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