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cali connections blue dream haze

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by BigeoffTidwell, May 25, 2012.


    BigeoffTidwell Member

    Do y'all think its gonna be worth picking up?

    drolove Well-Known Member


    BigeoffTidwell Member

    I was just wondering because of all the herm problems I've been hearing from them.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    idk, but i just picked up azure haze from dj short, and it's pretty much blue dream, only dj short used an f5 for his blueberry and i think that the blue dream used an f4..
    dj's sounds pretty bomb, and i can't wait to crack a few of these to see how they turn out.. just got them in like 2 days ago from the tude... :)

    JCashman Well-Known Member

    where did we see CC Blue Dream listed at?

    if i had a dollar for everytime i agree with RB71 id be a rich man. but hes right on the money as usually. personally if i wanted a Blue Dream in seed version, id go for DJs Azure Haze as well.

    i wouldnt touch any fem seeds by CC (im just assuming the CC BD will be fem seeds i dunno for sure though).

    stak Well-Known Member

    The Attitude is giving one away as part of it's next promo. Nothing else is listed on their site about it. Swerve seems to be absent from the boards lately so I haven't seen anything from him about the seeds in the future but the freebie from attitude is a fem.

    THESkunkMunkie Well-Known Member

    I'll stick with my first 2 choices of ~ Dream Star (Blue Dream x Stardog) & Snowhighs Blueberry Blast (Blue Dream x Jonny Blaze).

    Good luck with the test seed though... :peace::bigjoint:
    thump easy

    thump easy Well-Known Member

    i just tested their hazy og and it looks like a keeper not a big yeilder but FROSTED LIKE A MOTHER FUCKER...

    hau5head Active Member

    got a freebie from the 'tude and will try it out..
    Sean Tom

    Sean Tom Well-Known Member

    :leaf::leaf:i too got a freebe from the june jubilee on attitude . growing it now. check my signature

    Clankie Well-Known Member

    My freebie from the tude was a total genetic hermaphrodite. It showed female preflowers, but within 5 days of the 12/12 was sprouting equal amounts of male and female flowers all over the plant. Had to pull it.

    Nadia786 Active Member

    Hi all,
    My Attitude june Blue dream haze was very frosty and potent.Yielded medium.Smells like skunk-sweet berry. No male flower, very nice plant, respond well to low stress bending. A keeper.

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