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Cali Conn. Larry Og Kush. Any Good???

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by yung420, Mar 9, 2013.


    yung420 Active Member

    Been planning on doing some of Swerve's gear for a while but after reading some reviews about his seeds, kind of skeptical but I wanted to know if anyone has experience with Larry Og kush in particular but also pre 98 Bubba bx2. Peace

    Scroga Well-Known Member

    A lot of people say larry is the fire!!

    yung420 Active Member

    Yea I know I also heard that the fems hermies alot. But alot of the negative review come back then just wondering if there's been any luck recently with his seeds.

    superjet Well-Known Member

    god damn right!! i've got a run done in two weeks, pure fire. i'm afraid to grow anything else, it's the best (this pheno!) i've ever had. and before you think i'm a couple bong hits past my limit, wait for the pics and judge for yourself. i have never heard anybody tell me yeah that was alright, it's always like god damn, or what the fuck was that! and i butcher the fuck out of my mother plant and i haven't seen a seed yet. i say it every day, i love larry, lol.

    yung420 Active Member

    Well that's what I wanna hear...see. think ima grab a few singles first to see what comes out of it. Also planning on running holy grail kush and phantom cookies, hope these are great also.

    teoborg Active Member

    I grew (outside) Larry from CC last season. Excellent germination rate, pretty stable plant (I had 5 identical phenos), unbelievable bag appeal (the most hard rock dank buds yiu've ever seen with the most incredible smell) BUT it was an average smoke. Nothing to mention about...C+ grade at best..

    sniffer Well-Known Member

    any strain can be Good , , just have to find the right pheno .
    and that could take alot , many seeds/packs to find

    good luck

    superjet Well-Known Member

    here's some of my calicon larry og at 44 days of 12/12. could not get pics of the bigger "juicier" buds because the lights are on and these were far enough away for a couple. two weeks to chop and i will throw in a couple more. they get so frosty that i really have a hard time trimming, the scissors lock shut after only a few inches, no shit.

    BUD!! 027.jpg
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    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    i ran cali con's larry og and liked it, liked it a lot, lol..

    very potent smoke.. the one thing i wasn't crazy about though tbh was the lemony flavor that was pretty dominant ime... if you're into a lemon flavored kush that's potent as all get out, larry is for you..

    oh yeah, pretty typical og yields on this one as well, which is to say she don't like to put out tons..

    superjet Well-Known Member

    i grow out six at a time under two 600 watters probably just under six foot in five gallon buckets of straight coco and pull an honest four to five zips a plant.

    cotchept Active Member

    Get the Buddah Tahoe OG instead. Many people besides myself say it's one of the OGs they've ran in seed form. Unfortunatly I lost my clone of it so buying a pack is #1 on my wishlist right now.

    the.felix Member

    good looking thread..
    a few notes that I can contribute:
    - I haven't grown TCC Larry OGK myself personally but I have seen her flowering, first hand (a friend had a cut from a shop plus grew the TCC beans at one point as well). It's not the most potent smoking, as it typically has tested at a higher than average (approx 1.5%) CBD and only moderate THC levels.. at least in the several samples I have seen tested. Fantastic bag appeal, dense heavy fruity nugs with lots of resin. I have thought about grabbing the beans just to have the strain in the bank.. it's a SoCal original. no greater interest to acquire it beyond that, though.

    ..to some one else's earlier comment, there are far more bomb OG's to get in seeds form. I just grabbed the Buddha Tahoe OG myself and am really excited to pop those soon. Supposedly there is an elusive purple pheno in the Buddha Tahoe pheno scheme, if anyone can speak to this I would appreciate being more educated on the matter.

    - I have grown out the Pre-'98 Bubba Kush Bx.. they were fem beans and no issue with hermies or anything. I will say though that it is a classic representation of a 100% indica: stout, fast maturation & low-moderate yield. the flavor is a hashy, berry-coffee taste with narcotic, social medicinal qualities. great for depression or anxiety. she is tasty and makes a great concentrate too if you're into hash.. but again, yield is something to keep in mind. if that is of no concern, then it is a fun plant to grow. also, uniform. each bean was the same pheno. so it was at least stable in that respect.

    I have been hearing a bunch of crap about Swerve lately and his crew at the Cali Connection. frankly whether they are legit or not, everything I have smoked and grown by them has been dank and I have been pleased with. supposedly there is some drama in regards to the Girl Scout Cookies and his version that was put out in seed form. I think we are all human trying to imitate nature.. thats quite a feat.
    Bear Country

    Bear Country Well-Known Member

    I to have grown out most of thier strains with no problems.....CC had a little problem a while back with some beans they released and its kinda bitten them a bit....allot of negative talk since then but honestly....I would not hesitate to buy again.....the only thing with me is I always bought regular seed not fem sooooo for what thats worth. Now if you want a good OG cross....this is the newest craze at the moment ...its the White Fire by OG Raskel......I still dont know what the WHITE is...I was told by a reputable breeder its a certain sativa but of course the Fire is OG Kush.....and I did grow her out this summer....Sticky, Stinky, POTENT rock hard nuggets....great smoke....for sure

    yung420 Active Member

    I was not expecting to come back to some useful and helpful info. I appreciate all of your feedback and I plan on getting a pack of Cali Con. Larry Og and Buddha Tahoe Og, and get some singles of Og Raskal's White Fire and White Master Kush. Heard alot about the white fire and seen some amazing bug shots, and a buddy of mine harvested some White Master Kush awhile back and it was some real strong fruity gassy taste, definitely top shelf.

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