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Calcium or magnesium Deficiency maybe none..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by oblivious21, Mar 8, 2018.


    oblivious21 Active Member

    Hey guys. I need some help. I posted in the newb form asking if my plant looks ready to harvest and someone pointed out that it looks sick. I also think it does too now :(

    I’ll give some background. I’m using 5gallon pots with a mix of FFOF and FFHF. I’m using no nutrients. My thought here was the pot is big and I’m using good dirt as well as growing an auto flower (fast buds GSC). I was trying to make it easy on my self as far as just plant a seen and let it grow. I’m using one 400w light have some good air flow and temps stay around 66-70. It’s winter time where I am. I can say she was struggling from the beginning but I just let her do her thing. I will say she is on 24 ours of light. I know it’s not the best practice for an auto flower but I needed the heat to stay up in the tent... :/

    I really only grow 2-3 autos a year for Personal use and don’t really have any equipment to check levels of things.

    From the little I know and read here. it may be low magnesium or calcium ? Is she to far gone to make corrections. She is on day 60.

    761C679D-6E9B-46CF-A5ED-E74E62C7A78E.jpeg 3DDE8663-64B2-4316-87E9-12C258499F58.jpeg 7C748DCD-D9E2-45AF-AECE-C7CACE352468.jpeg F612C0C4-8416-4D0B-8DE2-E154A1A5A846.jpeg 281D87B9-DB64-417E-B25E-867E3E01E1C6.jpeg

    oblivious21 Active Member

    Should I be removing the “bad” leafs or just leave them be

    Tiffj Well-Known Member

    Dude let it finish, no point messing with nutes now, it should be fine, next time around use nutes, the soils nutes have been used up and they want more, and try to get the temps up without lights, even a autoflower needs darkness man and it will be a better product for it.
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    oblivious21 Active Member

    Thanks for the reply man !! ill just let her do her thing. lessons learned :)
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    Tiffj Well-Known Member

    The leaves will drop off but try to get to them before they do(I mean as they’re about to fall) and leave half of the petiole(leaf stem)attached to the plant to help protect from diseases and other issues.
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    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    Good luck.

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