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C' MON guys someone has had to heard of the MOB strain Mother Of all Bud HELP!!!!!

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by MAINE BUDSIZZLER420, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. Wow ive been looking everywhere guys trying to find out about the genetics behind this killer ultimate powerhouse strain called MOB(mother of all bud) This has to be some of th e best weed ive ever smoked but cant find it at any seed bank or strain guide. If anybody here at RIU knows anything please please lve me a msg here or on my profile. Thanks guys PEACE the SIZZ:confused::confused::peace::peace:

    Futurama89 Active Member

    its also known as mother of berry and is intense, ibe been told its a maine native strian, grows short flowers stupid fast, taste like berrys and gives a euphoric pain realiving high its on of my favorites right now
  3. Hey bud I was wondering about that. I still cant find the grow specs or anything though . I isnt even in the cannabible bro I dont get it, but if this is a sign of maine straines to come HALLELUYAH!!!!! lolo. Keep me posted if you find out anything else okay. PEACE the SIZZ

    Futurama89 Active Member

    it is a legitimate maine breed, strain produced for our short flowering outdoor times before frost. there are no grow specs or seeds availble through a bank as far as i know, and i will keep you posted on a ny sick maine breeds! i love the local shit!

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    lol, just had to comment on your locale, what part of maine's not dark?? lol.. nice state up there though.. :)

    SheepsBlood Well-Known Member

    I heard of that Strain LOL So funny that I saw this post because I left Maine a month ago and my buddy had it. I kept asking him "What the hell does MOB stand for?" Anayway, great to hear it wasn't a bullshit strain and that someone else was growing it or planning it.

    sixteenounces Well-Known Member

    207 reppin

    MaineMedGrower Member

    It is one of my favorites. Short in stature, 48-50 days, crazy crystal structure and aroma. I would love to know the actual lineage. Got a clone from a buddy about 3 months ago. Finally getting it to full production levels. That and Cindy 99 have made for a glorious grow table.
  9. ALRIGHTY THEN!!!!! THANKS guys finally getting some responses here Im gonna post some great MOB pics of mine today do not miss out!!! everything said so far matches my MOB plants to the tee hee hee lol WOW what a plant I also finally got a clone of this a couple months ago and now have it growing at full potential w lots of sisters and it is unreal. wish I could grow more but I have to stay legal ya know. As far as this strain goes though it is an indoor growers dream. If anyone here but me really has this dont ever get rid of it, it is a rare gem. Someone has got one hell of a green thumb and to that person I say thank you bro. SO SO sweet flavored and quick sick nugs that get you so euphoric and happy, like it should and kills pain better than some of the best stuff Ive baught at dispensaries in the past. Keep me posted guys and maybe someone will come out of the closet with the actual genetics and grow specs. we are all brothers and sisters here and are here to help each other so i think the word will get around fast SWEEET my fellow growers PEACE the SIZZ

    oHsiN666 Well-Known Member

    i want this shit bad now!!! im clear across the other side of the country though. somebody needs to throw it up in the Attitude seed selection!!! breed for seed please!!!!!!!!

    trx250x7 Well-Known Member

    I would love to get a clone of this if anyone has one. im all legal now and need some good ones!
  12. DUDE I want to but w/out having some sort of grow spec I wouldnt even know who to match her with . AAWWHH man I wish you were in Maine bro I think us Maine boys have some real kickass reefer up here and take it for granted sometimes. Wish so bad I could share w/you. You have sparked a brainnstorm though lolol What a beauty PEACE the SIZZ
  13. I dont know where you are but if you are in New England you can prolly obtain a clone fairly easy but not on this forum. We have to go by the rules here and im not sure how they exactly go but I will check into it bro and get back to ya PEACE the SIZZ

    unohu69 Well-Known Member

    damn just found out my buddy just scored a 1/4 for 120... seems a little pricey to me, but id love to score a clone after reading all the positive things about it.

    Justinfridge Member

    It's here in southern Michigan, it's a great strain stays short has great node spacing for taking clones under several types of setups (hid, t5's) stretches quite a bit outside, it is also a quick budding plant that clones extreamly easy... If yer a beginner, or have problems cloning it might behoove u to find it... Mine is not a berry flavor though as mentioned above. It has been called the bomb the best ever the greatest by some people Iv introduced to it.. It also called m.o.a.b round here and is pronounced just as the abbreviation is spelled out people think I'm saying mohave like the dessert
    Biological Graffity

    Biological Graffity Active Member

    Man, all this hype, I had sum MOB last year and it was good...but I've smoked better weed. As far as Maine outdoor though its one of the best...207blowin' up in RIU!!!
    btw...it was introduced to me as mother of all berry...hence M.O.A.B.

    DizzyMan Member

    im running this right now its still in veg......pretty easy to grow and stays really really short but some of the tastiest buds out there. its actually a m.o.bxkatsu bubba and tastes like pure blueberries but keeps the bubba stature

    wildgrow Member

    I noticed the last response in this thread and thought that this person may be 'reefer'ing to mob boss - not sure tho. 1 of my grow buds just harvested MOB (not related to mob boss). Its been called all the 'mother of blah blah' that folks have posted. This came to him only as a clone. The only 2 other people I have known to have this have also received it clone only. There seems to be no 'available' seeds. This is a very berry-like plant and to my own taste buds much like a blueberry/widow kinda taste. Grew pretty short indoors, thick buds, very leafy (a trimmers nitemare), very tough (completely dried up leaves just wouldnt pull off the plant). the calyxes closest to the stems were pink n purple. The leaves were course and xtremely dark. We have tried to get mo info on this stuff and the only thing I could find besides the 'what is this' type threads was a claim that it mite also be called new england blue hash plant. Dont know if thats a help to anyone but thats all i got. cheers

    downlowfunk Member

    Well I ran into some and from my limited knowledge of Maine Marijuana (I am From NewEngland Maine was a vacation destination and now a home.) Anyway ive the made post here. Ruderralis is a Russian strain that strain that grows fast and short.

    For a Mirror lets just paste it. Hey whats a few Bytes right?
    Me on Mother of berry:

    I think they crossed an IndicaXSativa hybrid with the third species of cannabis known as ruderailis, that's why it's short height and fast growing season. Ruderalis is useless by itself but when cross with an indica it becomes a short fast potent auto flowering producer.

    wildgrow Member

    Nice to see someone else chimin in. Im hesitant to consider rudi genes being part of this plants make-up even w/ the 6 1/2 week flower time and the woodiness. It clones easily and doesnt flower while under 18/6 veg light. It certainly doesnt seem to have any autoflower traits. ie. My bud had 2 sick clones that I spent a few weeks caring for. They pulled thru and are vegging still at nearly 3 months from cut. Perhaps a rudi was bred in this strain and the offspring kept were the longer growing/least auto of the bunch. Then perhaps crossed back to the parent w/o rudi genes; particularly, if it was a long flowering, indica dom. I just dont know. Which of course is why I wanna know.

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