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Buying Weed Off Ebay!!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by dannyking, Jun 13, 2008.


    dannyking Well-Known Member

    Hey guys! I heard about someone selling weed on ebay a ngood while back and thought it was a bit ridiculous but you never know what some people will try. Apparantly they used to advertise it as a video and just send a VHS box full of smoke to its destination!!

    Just wondering if anybody else has heard of this and thought the replies would be interesting! Not that I want to buy this way or sell for that matter. Im not that stupid!

    ORECAL Well-Known Member

    I think it's a great idea, as long as you were smart about it..... did the dude get busted? if so, how? anything is possible if you plan correctly. anything. the only problem is being able to curb stupid people talking about it.

    tokezalot420 Well-Known Member

    yeah it would be a good system as long as you where not advertizing that way maybe just using it as a way of payment pay-pal. i dunno lol

    kristus015 Active Member


    bleezyg420 Well-Known Member

    i got a human liver $100,000 obo.

    TheGardenMan Dea, FBI, ATF MuthaFucker

    lol is it really worth it ? I mean come on how much weed are you gonna sell on ebay ? I guess the real question is how long would you survive selling tree's on ebay, im sure the feds would slap cuffs and cling bars quicker then you can say ebay lmao :blsmoke::blsmoke::joint::joint:

    tckfui Well-Known Member

    hahaq funny stuff!!!!
    ebay wont even alow you to sell bongs, let alone the stuff to put in them :P

    ORECAL Well-Known Member

    not if you do it right (what would be the right way? I have no idea)..... but you can get away with anything as long as you plan correctly. there is really nothing that can't be done, people just haven't figured out how yet.

    ceerock Well-Known Member

    there some dude sellin Lowyder seeds... i dont have the link but i saw it....for like 9 bucks/ 20 beans... If iwere to do it ...just use inicials that only stoners would know..still a little tricky..... I would rather stand on a corner and sell that shit... atleast i know whats coming......

    kristus015 Active Member

    See...you say that its possible to get away with it, but I see a fatal flaw in this idea. All it takes is 1 person who wasn't happy whether it be quality or even shipping time. That person would run and tell eBay just to get you in trouble, or they would try to extort you. Extortion is a problem from time to time on eBay even with the item wasnt illegal. I am a long time, experienced eBay seller and believe me...people complain about the dumbest things even if the information they complained about was disclosed in the listing.

    SenorSanteria Well-Known Member

    I bought my bong on ebay.:mrgreen:

    $11 for a empty bottle of Goldschlager. Drilled a hole in it and bam... perfect bong. Total investment: $16

    tckfui Well-Known Member

    hoho!!!!, my problem with bongs is I always break the bowl or stem, have you seen bong vodka? the vodka that comes in a bong, all you need is a stem, and you got yourself a bong with free vodka :P
    yea I agree with dude who said people will complain, they sure will, and do :P

    dannyking Well-Known Member

    hmmm. I suppose if you knew of some people over the internet looking to buy some weed you could point them in the right direction. A frien of a friend told me sort of thing.

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