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Buying Marijuana in Colorado

Discussion in 'Colorado Patients' started by ahitler, May 9, 2013.


    ahitler Member

    Ok, so I know it is legal there now. I live in a different state and am planning a trip out West this summer with my family. We are leaving here in about 3 weeks. I plan on going through Colorado. So how does the new laws there work? Can anyone buy product? I would only be using it for personal use due to my PTSD. It is really hard to get where I live and I am very sketchy about purchasing it from anyone I do not know. I am deathly afraid of going to jail over this and losing my job and ruining my life. But I do smoke everyday to keep me from having nightmares from war, helps me eat, and overall helps my productivity in life and my family. Can someone please fill me in? Can I just go there and go to any dispensary and buy it? Must I contact someone local?

    Sorry, I hope this is ok to post here. I'm a straight newb...

    Mr. Hitler.

    6ohMax Well-Known Member

    No, unless you have a red card you cannot buy MMJ at a dispensary. Unless you personally know someone here then no.

    PTSD is a bitch dude...14 year Army vet here. Short story my life was great in the Army until I came back from my last deployment last may...this last year has been horrible.

    haoleflip Active Member

    Nah, stores and stuff won't be implemented until next year. They are just now discussing the laws for taxing it, etc. However, if you know people out here or get to know people, chances are that they smoke lol so it won't be too hard to find. Also, a hint if you're really wanting to get some you can just craigslist "MMJ" and there are some local growers who will "give you some weed if you donate money toward their rent, gas or any other expense they may have." It's a loophole in the law and everyone is using it lol because Amendment 64 states that you can "gift" your smoke to others who are over 21, which means you can give it away for free and take "donations" for other bills you might have. Funny, huh? :D

    But yeah, it takes about a month and $100 to get your red card to be able to purchase from dispensaries legally, unless you know someone in the business who can expedite the process.

    You can always grow your own. You're allowed to have 6 plants with 3 in flower at once, but who's to know you have more? :)

    kermit2692 Well-Known Member

    i was thinking about that earlier today how i dont know how anyone actually gets nailed for intent to sell...id just say sorry your wrong it might be more than you think i can consume myself but my intent was to give it away lol

    kermit2692 Well-Known Member

    you can only have three in flower!?! i didnt realize you couldnt have all six flowering..dont live in co btw..thats weak, awesome its legal but these people need to realize i need variety in my life lol. not to mention with my little 400 i only pull about 2 zips per little foot and a half plant, at approx 16 weeks for a full cycle and only 3 plants budding at a time thats about 3 quarters every two weeks. i smoke about a quad a week so that leaves me one exra every two weeks. what a small bit of room for error!! id be happy if i could grow about 20 at once ofcourse my intention would be to sell some to friends, become a breeder, and give some stuff away. heres the real question is it 6 per household or per person :twisted:

    215roller Active Member

    "give you free weed if you donate" that's fucking hilarious. I need to look to move to Colorado since it seems like legalization won't even make it to a ballot anytime soon in my state. 3 plants budding at a time wouldn't be too bad I suppose if they're outdoor monsters lol..but Like our friend stated previously..I have no idea how they'd be able to catch you growing more than one plant unless you were doing some dumb shit that gave them reason to run into your residence.

    ahitler Member

    Thanks everyone for the replies. I am not in Colorado nor do I live close by. I will go the Craigslist route. Unless my brother's friend can hook me up, he lives there btw in Boulder. Other than him, I honestly know no one there. But I figured it would be a lot easier to get it there than my state. My state has no weed ever. If you find some it is usually dirt mexican trash weed. I wish we would just legalize it so that we could stop the cartels from flooding the market with crap. I did score some grade A about two weeks ago thinks to a girl I use to date (my wife doesn't know this) but she has since lost her contact. Being dry blows monkey nuts. I guess it's time to make the trip to the VA for some more meds. Just wish I could grow my own here. It's just scary as shit and I don't want to get busted since I'm using my GI Bill to go to school (if you get busted for any drug related charge while using your GI Bill, you lose it!). Thanks everyone for the replies. Hope to start being a regular on here. Stay cool and stay high!
    Lenny Beans

    Lenny Beans New Member

    It's true, just look on craiglist. I live in colorado. I post adds all the time. If anyones ever visiting the mountians in the summit county area (breckenridge, frisco, silverthorne), I'm always taking donations, lol. Hit me up a [email protected].

    ThorGanjason Well-Known Member

    If you want to make sure that you don't have to deal with anyone in Colorado that you don't know, and buy it legal from the system there are ways to workaround it. You have to be a resident to get a card, but (if you have the time, and the coin) you can go through the hassle of getting a p.o. box while you're there, and mailing yourself a semi-formal looking letter (type it up if you can, especially the addresses on the letter).

    Its pretty easy, they want you to prove residency but you could say you just moved there and haven't gotten a Colorado drivers license yet. Take the letter to a Dr, you shouldn't have problems getting a card.

    And once you do, go to the "Kind Love" dispensary in Aurora (north Denver). The prices are high but trust me, you'll walk out of the door with a smile on your face.

    BadDog40 Well-Known Member

    There is no 'loophole', you can and will get popped for doing this.

    This guy was being charged with 8 felonies for doing just what you suggested and was looking at life in prison until he decided to kill himself and his wife over it. Quit giving out ignorant advice.


    420circuit Active Member

    Sad story. Does anyone know for sure that the reason for his murder and suicide was because of the arrest? Yea, I get that being busted and facing charges are bad, but was this the only thing going on that was disturbing him? The story mentions a few potted plants, I get the feeling that the most important part of the story, except for the tragic loss of life, is being left out. It really looks like law enforcement got carried away with the charges if all they had were a few potted plants and a small distribution scheme on CL, which by the way seem to number in the hundreds now. I hope the person who cooked up all these charges against this couple feels partly responsible. The prohibition needs to end before there are any more stories like this.

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