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busy bee led's

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by canadiankushman, Apr 7, 2012.


    jubiare Active Member

    yeah Man sorry for being harsh, it's not even my business is it? I think you know what I meant, you are doing everything right and you are genuinely in love with Leds no doubts about that. Keep it leds and free!:eyesmoke:

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    foreverflyhi Well-Known Member

    so ive heard about these busy bee leds from another forum, and the dude telling me about them seemed like he knew what he was talking about, however after doing some research, i had almost the same experience as the other dude that called them, lol what a joke and waste of time.
    but if busy bee is being honest and true to there word, then thats hell of a light and price!
    i hope in the future they will have grow journals to back them up.

    and im not trying to start arguments or change the topic of this thread, but ive seen this led world have its up and downs, way more down then up. we LED users need to be true to our word, if not then this whole argument between whats the best lights and if they really work will never be answered.

    curly604 Well-Known Member

    hey no worries man ,you are a good guy eh :) ya srrry my response might have even come off harsh not meant to be so , like i say im just here for the leds man consider me an led groupie lol , glad to share words man come by my thread and say hi anytime man people like you are always welcome :D

    curly604 Well-Known Member

    WORD with a capital W my man you got it, there are alot of bullshitters out there so when i come across a company like vipar i see it as almost my duty to let people know that they are a good company not tied up in lies and advertising and marketing and bullshit like many other companies out there , what you say is so true we should always work together to further the cause not get caufght up in the bullshit :D cheers man i salute you

    wyteberrywidow Global

    They do look like some good lights and it does say they run at the power they sell thier models as.. Ill wait to see some grows done from it

    Also since you did say harvest looks like it will be more than a 600 hps? I would like to see that as well.

    curly604 Well-Known Member

    what up widow , glad to see you have some interest man make sure ya stop my thread and check my grow its in me sig :D
    Plantus Maximus

    Plantus Maximus Member

    I would say think long and hard. My experience thus far has been that LED's are fantastic for Veg, but terribly expensive for flower (the manufacturer's claims that LED will produce the same as HID at roughly half the wattage are completely false, IMO). Equal wattage may produce as much, but you are talking about $2,500.00 worth of LED to equal a $400.00 1k HID light. The LED's I have are the 200 watt Solar Flares and the company that makes them does not make silly claims about them. They even call them "Bloom Boosters" so as not to imply that they are stand alone capable of matching HID lights, but can be used in tandem with them as supplemental lighting to "boost" yields, which I think is a very refreshing and honest approach from the company. They are very high quality lights and two of them equal the output of a LumiGrow 330 for exactly half the price, which is why I got them.

    There is a "Closet grow grows a pound!" guy on youtube that has two 20x48" Home Depot closets that he consistantly grew a pound of dried product in each with a 600 watt HPS in each one. I say "grew" because he hasn't posted for over a year and probably got busted. Or maybe he was more lucky than that and just died. Anyway, measure that against like wattage LED grows that get all stoked up when they realize 1/4 of that weight and you start to get the picture.

    I hope I am wrong and somebody out there can show where they produced a pound of dry weight from 600 watts of LED, but until then I say be careful how you spend your money.

    puffenuff Well-Known Member

    Give me 600w led and I am confident I would be able to get a pound, or damn near close to it.

    curly604 Well-Known Member

    you nailed it plantus not doing your homework is the main reason people get screwed over on leds. what you said about pricing can be argued i mean ya leds are undoubtedly more expensive but people forget to factor in the extra cost you need for the extra equipment involved with hid growing , you got the bulb and hood , inline fan to cool the bulb ,ducting, ballast, a/c unit , not to mention all the extra cost in electricity running all this shit A/C aint cheap from what i hear ..... dont need it though :D , where as you could nab 600w of led for around 1000$ and thats it just plug and play , if i was buying an hid setup i wouldnt chinse out either i would want the best stuff not ebay or amazon crap so it would easily cost me close to 1000$ upfront for my hid setup anyway,also i dont want my house burning down because of china crap then factor in the extra electricity costs ..... its a no brainer for me. going back to what you said though yes alot of led companies bullshit but there are companies out there that are honest and have great products that can produce very well in veg and flower ..... number one thing is do your homework people :D

    curly604 Well-Known Member

    also come check my sig i think i will be able to hit numbers like that on this grow ..... wishful thinking :D
    Plantus Maximus

    Plantus Maximus Member

    Well, I was not able to find quality LED lights (with 5w emitters) for less than $410.00 per 165 watts, delivered. So that comes to $1,640.00 for 660 watts. I too will only use quality components. My 600w Quantum digital ballast cost about $180.00, Hortilux bulb about $110.00, Sun Blazer hood about $140.00, so $430.00 for the set up vs. let's say $1,500.00 for 600 watts of comparable LED. The LED's still put off some heat that has to be vented out. Even if they didn't, you will still need an inline fan and a carbon filter to exchange air and control odor, so there really is no escaping the duct work unless you have a situation where you are not concerned about odor or can leave them open to the outside air. I thought I could get by without ducting in an air exchange system, but Just ONE lady under one of those LED's promptly stunk my entire house up.

    puffenuff, I truly hope you are correct. Just seems like an awfully expensive way to do it.

    curly604 Well-Known Member

    5w emitters arn't the key man in fact they loose efficiency at that high of wattage and they cost way too much , 3w (for now) is what people should be looking for, high quality 3w diodes will be more efficient than 5w'ers even with the extra penetration. the panels i use have good quality 3w diodes 60 degree lenses and a good mix of farred, penetration is not an issue in my tent farred penetrates right through the leaves , soon enough they will start making diodes better and more efficient then 5w and even 10w diodes will come into play i seen them out now but like i say there not efficient and heat management on them isnt quite there yet either a distributor on alibaba sells chips that are "1w-100w" ..... ill see if i can find the link :D
    Plantus Maximus

    Plantus Maximus Member

    All the info I could gather pointed to higher watt emitters necessary to penetrate the canopy. However, that may or may not be the case. The Solar Flare LED's are driven at 75% capacity or 4 watts per, with the cooling fan accounting for the other 15 watts. I am not an expert on LED wattage vs. efficiency, but did note that the Solar Flare's and the Lumigrow both used 5 watt emmiters and the twin LED arrays on the LumiGrow looked just like two Solar Flare's stuck together. Again, two Solar Flare's were identical in output to the LimiGrow for half the price, plus you can seperate two Solar Flare's to give added coverage. The LimiGrow did offer dials that allowed you to adjust the different LED bands, but that didn't justify twice the cost to me.

    Anyway, I very much want to be an LED fan and am only trying to share my experience so far with my lights. I do hope that combining them with HPS or CMH will result in superior returns, but I am not able to report on that just yet.

    curly604 Well-Known Member

    sweet this site needs more led fans :D , i think that combining with hps or mh will for sure show better results, but there are leds out there that can stand alone from veg to harvest and have great results with both yield and quality alot of crap though too :( , if you havn't already check out ledlightsreview.org decent site for reviewing leds also come by and check my thread its in my signature got some sweet panels that are kicking some serious ass , cheers bud
    Plantus Maximus

    Plantus Maximus Member

    Will do, thanks.

    Psytranceorgy Well-Known Member


    hölynpöly Member


    Rasser Active Member

    [h=1]Stinger S6 140 watt 3w single chip led grow light[/h]Strange that they run 3W LED's on 1.5W or how else can you get 90 3W LED's to only use 140W

    I see 2 on/off switches wonder whats for 2x3 or veg/flower
    [​IMG]nt bends towards the LED like crazy

    This also have 90 3W LED's and draws 180W and cost 438$ in the UK(Euro zone)

    I think that the stinger looks like a good panel properly not run that hard on the LED compared to an Apollo 6
    and is making less noise in the process, I would love to see the inside and what kind of heatsinks they are using.

    Psytranceorgy Well-Known Member

    yep... fun new stuff all the time!

    ...and it looks like Advanced LED is doing the same sort of thing with the new high-power CREE modules. They are advertising 10W CREE 2700K modules in their new models coming out (thanks pufflenuff!!!):

    Interesting stuff

    Rasser Active Member

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