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burnt/singed pistils?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by potlosophy, Nov 8, 2010.


    potlosophy Member

    hi everyone basically my two ladies were happy as larry under my cfl showing pistils looking really healthy then i got the bright idea to add a 250w hps i just started turning it on when im there so i can monitor the heat i have a fan with a vacuum pipe sucking in cool fresh air but only has a four hour timer anyway a long story short the fan cut out after 4 hours and i didnt notice and the plants were left for 30/40 minute with no fan :-(
    some of highest leaves have started to shrivel on the tips and the pistils have turned brown/orange .

    basically what i want to know is what will happen next with the plants will they recover and grow freh pistils and carry on as normal or will they be stunted now and never be as good as they would have been?
    thanks paul

    potlosophy Member

    not even a single reply................ya complete set of bastards ya :) lol or maybe u wa letting me sweat it out!?
    theyre ok now if anyone gives a cares growing happily again with fresh pistils but iv fallen out with my hps its unplugged and wont be gettin plugged back in until i make my box a bot bigger.

    bunnyface Active Member

    hey paul,,you dont mean the small whit hairs? cause they are ment to shirvel and recide. is it just the tips of the leaf or the whole fan??
    is it just one spot, hps can make bright spots,,,
    sorry cant help more...

    potlosophy Member

    hey bunnyface :) lol i used to av a rabbit just like that in ur pic called george he was awesome he used to play football and chase cats out of the garden he was so cool!!
    ye i know the white hairs (pistils) are meant to recede and shrivel when the flowering is finishing but this was just they got singed being too close to the bulb and the leaf tips.
    what do you mean by bright spots?thanks for the reply

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