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Burn Mr, Molly? Help!

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by Tenner, Apr 9, 2011.


    Tenner Well-Known Member

    I have read through the other molly thread, useful information for later but I have a current question.

    I have 300mg of powder molly which I bough as big crystals and crushed up. It cost £40/g and I really want to take some, but don`t want to take a lot or go to a club and dance around like a madman (you might wonder why I want to take it :P)

    So, could I just sprinkle about 50mg in my spliff and toke it up right now? I heard freebase mdma is better smoked but would this just do?

    I will be swallowing the rest, but I`m very tempted to just puff on this stuff and get a bit lively and happy, nothing too big.

    So what do you guys think?

    Edit: Sorry that should be Mrs Molly :P

    NP88 Active Member

    I'm not sure if mdma can be smoked.

    Check Erowid to see what the threshold dosage is, and eat that amount, then roll your spliff. The effects should set in towards the end of the spliff.

    Mdma alone does not cause one to dance like a madman. The meth that is sometimes found in e pills certainly will, however
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    Tenner Well-Known Member

    That sounds good to me man, thanks for your time!

    NP88 Active Member

    No problem, and enjoy!

    I think sacrificing the delicious taste of herb is not worth the potentially greater effects of smoking versus ingesting.

    I've smoked a blunt dusted with coke before, just to say that I did. At that time, I was afraid to put things up my nose

    Tenner Well-Known Member

    Yeh, I only wanted to smoke it because i assumed it would be like smoking weed. E.g smoke 1/4 of it and see if you like it, then keep toking on for some energy etc.. I read loads of stuff about it and its not worth smoking anyway.

    What is worth smoking though, is this very mellow lovely weed I got off an asian guy. Its high literally says screw skunk :)

    ANC Well-Known Member

    It can be vaped, but I think its seriously bad for your lungs.... just swallow the 50mg, you don't have to dance, In fact once you get comfortable chatting somewhere, its easy to forget to go dance while you are on peak energy.

    Tenner Well-Known Member

    Yea I agree, I`m not going to try smoking or vaping. I`m not worried about the dancing bit, if my body starts to move, thats it!! :)

    Do you guys think there is any point in taking mdma with no people around to talk to? I had a threshold dose the other day, didn`t feel much alone and little or no pupil dilation, but went to my friends house and had an awesome chat with him and found out I was enjoying vocal music :), now looking at that night I would say if one takes mdma antisocially he would be wasting a big part of the drug. What do you guys think on that? I mean it is an empathogen drug after all right, innit?
    The Cryptkeeper

    The Cryptkeeper Well-Known Member

    The drug is going to do what it's going to regardless of what you want or think it should do. LOL Even if no one is around, it is still doing the same thing it would do if people were around. The experience is shaped and molded by YOU. I think everybody should have a euphoriant voyage once a month. :) It helps. :D

    BurningSnail Member

    back on topic. yes you can smoke Molly (MDMA powder). its over fast and takes more than it should to get there. Smoking the freebase of any amphetamine will not be advised as they are caustic insoluble oils in their freebase form. capably of causing massive tissue damage. politics are for assholes. information can save you.

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