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Burmese Kush

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by papablunt, Oct 17, 2008.


    papablunt Active Member

    So I just ordered from attitude. TH Seeds Da Purps and Burmese Kush.

    I can find a significant amount on da purps, but burmese kush i have never known...nor sampled...I wanted to play a wild card of sorts...

    Here is the description from attitude....

    Meet BUKU aka the ancient treasure Burmese Kush! A short but phat plant with a flowering time of only 7 1/2 weeks, making it one of the fastest T.H. Seeds strains! To create this mean machine, we’ve crossed the authentic Burmese Kush with the O.G. Kush from L.A. which is without a doubt the hottest thing being passed around in Cali right now. BUKU has the great Kush flavor & high which all growers could wish for. This for sure will become one of your garden & stash favorites. Keep that Kushline expanding!

    Anyone ever grow/sample burmese kush....any hints on yield...aroma...or even better a link to grow journal.

    Thanks in advance.

    Rom420 Active Member

    I smoked some Burmese kush when i went to Amsterdam back in march. It was a very nice stone and the bud was very nice looking. it had a nice piney taste, tasted very good and smells awesome when you break it up. very fluffy. I've had my eye on ordering some seeds of it for awhile but there's just so many strains I want to try. I hope to grow some of it one day.

    papablunt Active Member

    can't wait seds should be here any day....I'll let you know how it turns out

    BubblizeMe Active Member

    I'm growing burmese kush, check out my thread bellow in my sig.

    havnt flowered it yet, but they are easy to clone and i'v heard alot of good things about Burmese kush.

    re-search a little more im sure you could find out the ansewers to your questions

    Landragon Well-Known Member

    I got two ounces of purported Burmese Kush a year or so ago and it was in my top ten for flavor. It was particularly well grown and had an awesome happy high. That flavor is is on my short list.

    troutman Member

    I was up in Whisler and came across same unbelievable Burmese. it is definitely one of the best strains I have ever smoked. of course being at high elevation and 2 beers ooooooo000hhhhhh boy


    greenfirekilla420 Well-Known Member

    Finished a Burmese Kush grow. The sativa pheno or the Burmese pheno is nice she goes about 12 weeks and starts turning purple about week 10. The OG pheno is nice as well a bit stretchy but so is the OG I hear. I don't know where they get this 7 weeks bullshit from hahahahha. The OG pheno goes about 9-10 weeks. Nice smoke very slow to start a total nutrient hog. The og pheno has the huge wide leaves sativa pheno from seed has decent size leaves and then I cloned it and the leaves are just small as hell hahaha. Slow rooter as well. IMO best way to grow is topped and then LST'd into a bush. Veg for atleast 6 weeks as well 8 is better but 6 will do. The pic in my avatar is the sativa pheno. Got 70g's dry from her. I vegged 6 weeks topped at 4th node and LST'd into a bush. The clone I took from her was topped as well vegged for 8-9 weeks and lst'd into a bush. I'm hoping for atleast 104g's from the clone. Check my journal in my sig for more info.


    trickJames Member

    Mine are at week 4 and within the past week my hairs have gone 30-40% red.
    I'm doing this run in a flood and drain system, the last run I did was in Sunshine#4 and I didn't notice the hairs turning red this early.

    I just started hitting them with Bloombastic a week ago at 1ml/gal and I'm wondering if that has something to do with it. That's when the hairs started going really red. Temps and humidity are in the optimal range, and the plants look really healthy, it's just that the pistils are turning red in such a large amount this early it has me very concerned. The buds are just now starting to get some decent trich production and it seems that the pistils shouldn't be going red this fast. Anyone have any experience with this?

    zro Member

    sorry im a noob but wtf is LST'd?

    Romeodelta Active Member

    google it or do a search, it's when the branches are tied down so the plant grows horizontal.

    Ohthatguy8 Active Member

    My buku grown from seed is def. Indica Dom. I grow n dwc and am use to getting huge buds this plant has fat but short buds how ever I'm at end of week 6 and they r all but ready. Most trichs I've ever seen And all the hairs r red. I wasn't gonna keep this line because of the small buds but the fast finish and trich coverage I may figure something out

    Sencha Active Member

    I just ran a BUKU. Leaves the size of basketballs. Mine clawed in early flower. I think I ran the N too high, it was super dark green two weeks into flower. So I got heavy clawing. Finished in 9 weeks, mostly cloudy. Very couchlock and happy high.

    I'll do a final smoke report after a two week cure. Cheers!
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    OgSince03 Active Member

    My mother is more sativa dom. She branches very well. They are currently 5 weeks in flower. I'm dying to try the strain out. I had a brilliant idea about a week ago to leave their roots out of water durring the dark period, due to not having my ph and nutes correct. I had to buy more and was unable to before the lights went out. The next morning they all looked completely dead. I fixed my rez, and placed the lid back on. They took about 4 days to heal, but I lost some fan leaves. I will throw some pictures up just for people to see when they are finished, because no one really posts pictures on this strain.

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