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Burmese Kush TH Seeds smoke report

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by KLITE, Aug 3, 2013.


    KLITE Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    Once again from the autocultivation club grown in soil and organically.This strain is an og kush cross with what with i do not know, perhaps a land race burmese sativa?


    In terms of appearance it does not have any awe inspiring bud clusters or structure. Very dense buds with a quite a lot of resin production covering the buds. Some light brown pistils shooting about among the light green flowers. 7.5/.10

    In terms of smell this really is something Special!! It has that og under-stench that gives the smell its body and structure overpowered by a sweet fruit smell best described as an old fruit basket you're not sure whether some fruits have started to rot. I think the overall smell would best be described as a tutti fruity chewing gum but with none of the chemicalness to the smell. When you inhale deeply you can sense that the fruity smell actually comes from a faint spicy smell of fresh aniseed. What ingenious breeding! Using spicy smell to create a fruitiness in the overall smell. Clap Clap Clap TH Seeds you're the shit. It's almost like there are 2 tiers to the smell that you can visit individually but also see the building as a whole. When you sniff this strain you clearly get that og body along with that tutti fruity chewing gum sweetness and when you really inhale it you get that fresh aniseed spice. If this strain was more pungent (which is why i think they put that og in there to give it stink), or grown by me hehe, it'd get maximum scores in fragrance. A trully well engineered smell 9-9.5/10

    In terms of taste it is not as intense of an experience as the smell though with its complexities as well. One cannot pick up at all the fruitiness anymore in the taste however the sweetness is there with a background og taste very faint though. I would best describe the source of the sweetness as a sweet woody taste with a general good herbal taste. Like the way some old grandma's house smell sometimes. A but of a let down in terms of taste to be honest. 7/10

    In terms of high this strain really is a top notch hybrid. It does not give you that smack some people might look for in an og cross, it is much more relaxing and mellow however very potent nonetheless. It is a very clear headed head high that makes you extremely chilled. It makes your body comfortability levels go up 10 fold with a nice warm and cosy feeling throughout. Very well balanced hybrid where both the body and head high are of the same type (not contradictory like in some hybrids) but perhaps leaning ever so slightly towards a more accentuated clearly mellow and relaxing head high than a body feel. Great engineering! 8.5-9/10

    Overall this was the first time my whole life i have smoked something and thought to myself how this strain might have a lot of medicinal value. I have obviously come across strong indicas and sativas that i thought could help people go to sleep or keep motivated. But this one is more special, i could really see people who suffer from anxiety or have hard time dealing with life's small bullcrap that eventually becomes serious stress hence deteriorating quality of life. Even for people who have a hard time going to sleep but dont want those narcotic strains this is gently narcotic, will slowly but surely but you in the zone you need to be. Which makes me think that this strain has high cannabinoid values. I'm really impressed at this hybrid, i have never come across such a well balanced strain that would make me feel so nicely mellow and relaxed. I give it an arguably fair 8.5-9/10 because it is a very well thought of strain and ingeniously bred. If you want a good og cross it's here for you!
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    adgas Well-Known Member

    Nice report, ive got a few of these seeds and i think you just convinced me to pop them.
    Nutes and Nugs

    Nutes and Nugs Well-Known Member

    Great report.
    You made me remember I have one of those.
    Just may have to pop it someday soon.

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