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Building a new Computer

Discussion in 'Technology / Science' started by Padawanbater2, Jan 1, 2018.


    ANC Well-Known Member

    Check out War thunder on steam.

    Padawanbater2 Well-Known Member

    Howbout Ace Combat 7? I always loved that series, I need to find a good flight simulator
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    canadian1969 Well-Known Member

    I second that

    redivider Well-Known Member

    I got good news for you. check this video out.

    Also, Kotaku put out a list of the best flight sims of all time not that long ago.

    If you are leaning towards FSX- get the acceleration pack. It comes with some base files that are used by some aftermarket planes and stuff. the modding community in FSX about 10+ years ago was absolutely jam packed with quality artists that made that game have a ton of aftermarket stuff that's 100% free.

    I'm talking about planes, airports, skins, optimizers for the graphics.

    and if you are really into it check out Rex Simulations to really bring in photo realistic textures, clouds and their water effects are second to none..... the base pack will cost 25 bucks on top of the game price though.

    if you get FSX make sure you visit World of AI. Download all of it. it replaces the base traffic in the game with actual real-world scheduled flights and even comes with the skins.
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    Beefbisquit Well-Known Member

    Hey pad,
    Long time no talk bro!

    Any particular reason you went with a Ryzen for gaming? They're great workstations for multicore demands, but gaming primarily uses a single-core which intel dominates in.

    I've been looking at a new rig as well, probably going to build on the i5 8600k or the i7 7700k, but video cards are just bananas right now.... almost better off getting a pre-built with a 1080 TI or GTX...


    cpu comp.JPG
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    Padawanbater2 Well-Known Member

    Hey Beef

    A friend of mine convinced me to go with AMD and I wanted a good processor, I think the one in this PC I'm using is a core 2 duo! Ancient, so even if the Ryzen doesn't perform as well as Intel on the specs, it's still going to be a huge upgrade! I watched some clips of benchmarks between intel and amd and the differences are almost indistinguishable, to me anyway. You're right about the graphics cards! Holy fuck! Same thing with ram, both jumped in price like 50% from last year, the ram I want to buy costs $200, decent GPUs are going for $800+!

    Looking forward to gaming with you when it's built! Do you have GTA5?

    Beefbisquit Well-Known Member

    I've got an 'ok' gaming rig now. It plays new shit on Medium\high... but the days if getting high\ultra are long gone.

    16GB RAM
    A couple of EVO 850's
    R9 390 8GB Vid card...

    I have a hacked version of GTAV lol....

    Some places in the USA will give you a video card for MSRP if you buy everything all at once... : \ Then you have places like newegg selling bundles of x6 1080TI's for like $6700!! Shit is bananas.
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    Padawanbater2 Well-Known Member

    Looks like that might change soon


    Beefbisquit Well-Known Member

    I bought some @ $8k the other day for the long game. Enough that it could be nice if it pans out, but not enough that I care about it.... :)

    Padawanbater2 Well-Known Member

    I wish I got into it in early 2017! I don't know enough about cryptocurrency to invest in it :-?

    Cx2H Well-Known Member

    Intel has multiple chip flaws and now is 30% slower I have an i5pro and it sux now compared to my AMD based rig after the patch.

    Cx2H Well-Known Member

    I built an AMD 8core 1080gtx ti 4 years ago that still smokes in ultra settings.

    Cx2H Well-Known Member

    Don't, Crypto is highly volatile atm Now that the gubment is involved. I always said once something goes mainstream it's too late to hop onboard.


    Forgot to mention the capital gains tax that goes with crypto now and this nail https://www.reuters.com/article/us-...or-virtual-currency-legislation-idUSKBN1FQ0KU
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    Beefbisquit Well-Known Member

    I know about the chip flaws. lol

    Most people with Intel chips won't be affected much with regards to gaming. Servers however, can have up to 20-25% reduction in performance. Bottom line; if you're on Windows 10 with kabylake, skylake or newer, you will not notice a performance decrease.

    Even with a 30% performance decrease, the i5 8600k or i7 8700k will still beat the Ryzen 1700 for gaming.... but there will not be a 30% performance decrease. Not even close.

    Seeing as how the 1080GTX TI Launched In March, 2017 and the 1080 GTX Launched in May 2016, I'm calling bullshit on your "4 year old" system on ultra settings.

    A "4 year old system" would most likely have a 970 or 980GTX.... which absolutely will not run the newest games on Ultra. It's older than my video card, and mine is getting on in age.

    All that said, old Intel systems would still suck to own.
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    Cx2H Well-Known Member

    Nah it's a 1080 and cost me 750$. Was the most expensive card in microcenter at the time. Maybe not 4 years but it feels like it. Was when they dropped in early 2016 rog Asus Mobo has 32gb and 2 SSD's and a red 3tb WD.
    Colo MMJ

    Colo MMJ Well-Known Member

    Anybody have decent luck with AMD processors? I am looking at a new laptop. I know AMD made some nice server CPUs but I always had so so luck with desktops.

    Padawanbater2 Well-Known Member

    No problems with the Ryzen 7 at all so far. A little pricey though
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    lokie Well-Known Member

    Which case did you choose for your rig?

    Padawanbater2 Well-Known Member


    Cx2H Well-Known Member

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