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Building a grow box

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by btt, Jan 18, 2007.


    btt Well-Known Member

    Ok so I want to build a grow box to keep things somewhat secretive. I am growing in a closet, but only using about half of it. The size I want to use is roughly 3' wide by 2' deep with the ceiling going up to about 7' but do not want to go all the way to the ceiling. I was thinking that 5'6" to 6' would be enough room for height yes?

    Also the closet has no doors.

    I will be using CFL's for veggin and most likely for flowering so heat will not be too much of an issue and I can keep them close so I think I will be good with 6' of height. I will be growing in soil as well.

    I would like some input on what to use. (plywood, 2x4 ect...) And if you have built a box before please share your design. I plan on growing 2 plants in it.

    I had previously planned on just sectioning off the closet with black plastic, but want to keep a low profile with the roomies if ya know what I mean.

    Any comments welcome! Thank you in advance.


    MightyBuddha Well-Known Member

    I would build the frame with 2x4s and then use this stuff called 'hardboard'. It's real thin and is used for backing cabinets but is cheap ($6 a sheet) and light. I built something much much larger but used the same materials. Use the shiny-side in because it takes paint better than the rough side. Get two computer fans and run them both off a old cell charger (search forums for instructions) and put one low on the side to draw in cooler air and one in top to exhaust. Need to keep good airflow in the box. - Also makes it easier if you need to run exhaust through carbon for smell. Need to devise a nice way to hang/hook your CFLs as well. Best of luck!

    The size is good although you will need a LOT of CFLs if you decide to grow out to 4-5 feet.

    battosai Well-Known Member

    check out my grow pics to see what im doing with a bucket. (and 4 cfls and 2 computer fans)

    you can also look at that guys profile with the snoop dog avatar i think he's doing cfls too


    shunkan Active Member

    check out your local ikea or home depot...they have some cool little cabinet boxes that are white and can quickly be converted with a few cfls and are rather stealthy. (just vent out the back and you'll be growin')

    le1337need Well-Known Member

    or you could check out the pics in profile =)

    btt Well-Known Member

    Thank you all for your advice! I will check out HD tomorrow for some cabinets. Keep em coming!

    Also I was thinking of cutting a hole in the top to run dryer vent up through the ceiling and into the attic once it comes close to flowering time to help vent some of the smell. Could I just use a computer fan at the hole to blow up into the attic along with one at the bottom to suck in fresh air? Would this be sufficient?


    MightyBuddha Well-Known Member

    For that long of a run you will probably need a real 'inline duct fan' which is sold at home depot or mount a bathroom fan inside cabinet and cut hole to exhaust from that to your ducting. Also, plants can start stinking pretty early... not just late flower.

    btt Well-Known Member

    Really? It isn't going to be any more than I would say 2'6" - 3' straight up and hot air rises as well.....

    btt Well-Known Member

    Anyone else? Ideas please...


    420greenthumb420 Active Member

    Na. Just go w/ a prebuilt commercial grow box..

    kochab New Member

    those are so expensive and limiting..... whats the enjoyment outa that?
    i dont think id have as much fun growing if i had to go unlock a metal facory made cabinet and use all that crap to grow. and i like to do to many experiments with different variables.

    4train2wreck0 Well-Known Member

    i agree with kochab. i think it would be better to DIY and custimize it to your likings.

    cfl's are low heat but when you box them up and have a lot of them i they can build up heat so you might want to think about having 2 exhaust on both sides of the top of the box. As for venting to the attic, if it's really only 3 feet i think a computer exhaust should be sufficient if it's big and strong enough. check radioshack i saw some relatively big fans there.

    kochab New Member

    go to walmart and buy a small fan in a square case (kinda shaped like a small box fan). i got one by o2 and it was $13. now on clearance for $7. go to the hardware store and look at ducting for heat pumps and the such........get a square end about the size of the fan and a straight piece long enough to enter the attic. attach the vent pieces together and install the fan in the vent structure.
    that shoud pump out more than enough air for smell control. a small oscalating fan near the bottom of the box would be good to push the aroma to the vent as well.

    TheOrangeJuicer Well-Known Member

    my closet box setup is 4' H x 4' W x 1'9" deep. i built it from 2x4's and particle board. it cost about 30 bucks to make the whole thing...thats not including lights or anything. i got a 600W HPS in there and with the temps coming down at night it stays under 85.

    Amfex Active Member

    I just used cardboard and ducktape! I went to my local furniture store and asked them for the largest peices of cardboard they had and they gave me some 5 by 6 foot pieces of cardboard which i simply cut and heavily ducktaped to the dimensions i needed and it works great. I used half inch pvc pipe for support just inside the sidewalls. CFL lights aren't very heavy so you don't have to worry abput them caving the box in and cardboard is really easy to cut so it's convenient. Also if you wanted to take the time you could double layer the walls to make it sound proof as well. Check my profile for pics later this week!

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