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Build a Cheap Marijuana bud dryer

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by hempgrower, May 20, 2006.


    hempgrower Active Member

    After a bit of contemplating on how to dry my buds in my condo, I figured out how to make my own version of Quickgrow's Herb Dryer, now they sell this item for $365!! I made this one for about sixty bucks.

    Step One :
    All this is is just a rubbermaid tote with a filter (carbon) placed in the rubbermaid. A simple fan that pulls the air from inside the tote and sends it into the room.

    Step 2 : The trip down to wallmart and a local grow shop

    This should cost you no more the sixty bucks, if you are cheap you could probbly do it for about 3/4 of the price.

    electrical cord from radio shack was five bucks
    Rubbermaid container bought at wallmart was fifteen bucks.
    Fan from home depot (inline) twentry two bucks
    activated carbon- $10 ebay
    scrubber - parts- $25,
    mounts and shelving - dont remember but they were cheap from home depot

    After I got all the gear together I smoked a nice small joint and got it all ready, the smoking the join is very important. Whats the sense of working if you can not enjoy the benifit.

    Step Three : Putting it all together
    I did not put the scrubber in the list because you should already have one, you can build one for about $50.

    I took my inline fan set the fan in the rubbermaid container and then I traced a circle around the fan. Then using a butter knife and a torch/lighter i cute a hole to fit my fan.

    I then pushed the fan through the hole, make sure you put your fan in the right way :roll:

    No for the drying racks, I took some 3" screws and put the through the sides to act as hangers, on top of screws i put hardware cloth, this is kinda tricky just use a measuring tape and cut. I added three trays to this system. By spacing the shelves three inches apart vertically the rubbermaid will give me just about twelve cubic feed of drying space.

    Now you need to make it so the marijuana dryer can breathe, to do this just grab a drill and pop a couple holes in the sides so you dont implode your new project. However if you drill to much there could be an odor leak and defeat this whole purpose, so go slow see how much your fan needs for intake.
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    potroast Uses the Rollitup profile Staff Member

    Hey, just a thought,

    You could do it even more cheaply by tying some twine between 2 nails.

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    Rogue Active Member

    That's an impressive set up for only $60.00. What does "activated carbon" do? Is eBay the only place that I can pick it up? Or can I pick it up at a local hardware store like Home Depot?

    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    activated carbon is cheap on ebay, although you can get it at pet supply stores, people use it for their fish tanks :mrgreen:

    GoodyBaggins Active Member

    If I was in a condo I would be building this tomorrow lol. What does the Activated Carbon do?

    GoodyBaggins Active Member

    I answered my own question, but since Rogue asked the same one I'll share... no doubt some people already know lol. Activated carbon / charcoal are widely used to adsorb odorous or coloured substances from gases or liquids.
    In other words it will take some of the smell out of the air, that will be pumping into the room.
    if you want to find out how it works go here.
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    Rogue Active Member

    Thanks Goody. So basically, if you use the activated carbon, that means, no more weed smell (which isn't so bad, but a little tooooo incriminating :D)

    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    I know alot of guys that use carbon filters for there grow rooms, you could have the priest sitting on one end of the wall and the air pumping into that room, and no one would know the differance.

    I will post a tutorial on how to make an activated carbon scrubber.

    shoman100 Active Member

    Hello from a newbie.

    Could you please explain a bit about how you made the scrubber? Including the dimensions?


    skunkushybrid New Member

    A current grower, and I would love to know more about this carbon scrubber. look forward to reading your tutorial rollitup.

    courtcourt420 Well-Known Member

    What up ppl. We're are in the flowering stage right now, and we wanted to know if you guys thought it was a good idea to build the dryer or dry naturally? and also how long do you think it would take to dry a Hp(estimated) either way? let me know what you think. thx!

    Sublime757 Well-Known Member

    the dryer is mainly to reduce smell. but anytime to speed up the drying process, you risk losing flavor and THC. if you can, dry naturally. marijuana take 3-10 days to dry. if you bend a part of the stem while its drying and it just bends and doesnt snap, then its still too wet.

    dadvocate Active Member

    carbon can filter. inline duct fan. duct tape. flexible ducting, preferably in the same diameter as your filter, and your fan.. (6"-250cfm / 8"=500cfm...)
    you can make the can filter by having separated, sleeved and perforated (drilled pvc, metal screening, something like that.) tubes that will nest one in the other, with some small space between them . fill that gap with the carbon/charcoal. seal ends. place some filter material on the outside of the filter. either hang or stand the filter in your grow. attach the fan, duct tape to seal it. attach the ducting to the fan. duct tape to seal. route the ducting somewhere inconspicuous, i wouldn't go smaller than the 6" fan unless you're in a bedroom closet or something else tiny.
    i have noticed the inline ducting fans can generate some weird, and potentially LOUD HARMONICS. you will have to play around with the distance from the filter end to your fan, the diameter of the fan housing being squeezed or stretched can alter the noise levels dramatically. using padded ducting, and avoiding resting any of the ducting/fan on anything structural, it will turn wall studs into tuning forks..

    ferncakes Well-Known Member

    that's only good for a few ounces tho

    GreenThumb420 Active Member

    I'm using a herb dryer i built using a 10 gallon tube and PC fan.... it does dry quick but also loses its flavor..... what works well is leaving the dryer on for 2-3 days straight untill outside of nugs are slightly crispy, then putting the nugs in airtight mason jars for 6-8 hours (airing out every 2 hours), then put back in the herbdryer for 2 more days but set the fan on a timer... turning the fan on every 20mins... check the nugs every day to make sure they dont have mold and not too dry in order to preserve taste... -gt

    Pseudonym Well-Known Member

    haha that was my immediate reaction

    bacanchola21 Active Member

    could you use a bathroom fan like the one that sucks out the shit smell

    MagusALL Well-Known Member

    couldnt you just put in a bunch of desicant to soak up the moisture coming from the drying herb? i mean, wouldnt that make sense? make sure its sealed and put the weed and desicant in the same tub and it shuld suck out the moisture. worth a shot. works for mushrooms

    Stitch Active Member

    Excuse me but it so irritates me someone can take a post from elswhere including pics and call it there own. Now if "InjectTruth" is the same person I appologize but it doesn't appear to be. I just found this link dated January 17th of 05; click here to see -> GROWFAQ It's over 1 yr 4 months earlier then this post from Hempgrower, same pics, details, better layout, same thing. "Hempgrower" is probably well down the road, but if not, if you can't be original why even participate. If this is plagiarism, it would lend credibility to this board if those that controlled such a board monitored and took out things like this.

    May your crops always flourish

    raeman1990 Well-Known Member

    oh shit!!!

    this dude has one post and is calling you out!!!!!!!!!

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