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bugs eating the stems of my plants

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by mdulik, Jul 20, 2013.


    mdulik Member

    Something is eating the small stems around the tops of my plants. They are not bothering the leaves and only eating the stems that the pistols are forming on. They are not bothering the bottom half of the plants, only the tops where my big buds belong. There are two other growers in my area that are experiencing the same problem and none of us have seen this issue before. What ever is eating the stems is only picking on the soft small stems, some of the larger stems appear to have some bite marks but don't go all the way through and it leaves a brown area around the bite activity. The smaller stems get chewed all the way through to where the stem falls over but does not fall off. If anyone knows anything about this, there are 3 growers here in Michigan that would be very grateful for your help. Also between all 3 of us there have been several things already tried and nothing is stopping this problem. We have tried insecticidal soaps, neem oil, one grower even used Sevin concentrate on his plants. I personally have 60 plants (legal up to 72) and about 1/2 of my plants are in trouble from this issue. Please help if you can.

    jondamon Well-Known Member

    Sounds like aphid damage.

    I've seen a similar thing on my Lavender plant outside.

    The stem gets chewed up and even though there was a lavender flower at the top it fell over and browned that stem and flower.

    Green aphids were attacking my lavender.

    I have found some Ladybug larvae on some Dahlias and can only assume they've munched the aphids on my Lavendar as the aphids have now been MASSIVELY reduced.


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