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Discussion in 'California Patients' started by ssean, Nov 13, 2012.


    ssean Member

    hello i was looking at budtrader, and seen alot of people get robbed on there after looking at the ripper section. but anyways any idea how not to get ripped if buying a lb or two. i can use common sense like dont meet after dark and so on. Also what do you think the chances someone will meet at the inside of starbucks.

    angryblackman Well-Known Member

    Don't use Budtrader. That's your only sure way of not getting ripped off.

    patrickkawi37 Well-Known Member

    desperate times .. ive posted on there and have had success, but its sketchy for sure. better off just throwing a friend a few bucks or nugs for a connection.

    BustinScales510 Well-Known Member

    Dude I wouldnt mess with anyone you dont know from the internet for an amount that large,theres a million things that can go wrong..even the best case scenario would just be you getting a schwaggy pound that someone couldnt sell at a club. Deals for pounds go bad on there all the time, a 19-20 year old kid was shot and killed last year when he and a couple of his friends tried to rob someone they set up to meet and buy and pound from. Buying clones online is one thing but anything high stakes like that is russian roulette. And no, theyre not going to meet you in starbucks.

    lostmarbles Member

    There's mmj-trading-post.com that is trying to put hardship on the rippers by not allowing multiple user ids from the same Ip address and also is blocking public Ip addresses to keep down the rippers elements. If I remembered correctly, they also have things people can do to protect themselves more section somewhere. OH! You cannot see the ads nor post till you are registered. So, it sounds like an improvement but haven't tried it yet.

    ChiefAlot Active Member

    ive used it, i wouldnt recommend it though, if you need a walk through on how to get packs you should just try n meet a nice grower in ur area , its cutthroat out here.ive actually got good packs from craigslost but u have to know ur area n market goodluck.

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