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buds are burning

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by twosaws, Aug 15, 2008.


    twosaws Well-Known Member

    my plant is about 25 to 28 days in flower it has got so tall in my cabinet that the top bud has burn. dont think i can tie it down, can i cut the top off to the next bud so the plant is not as tall so it wont burn. also when will it stop growing. its a blueberry in a dwc grow. thanks for the reply

    Torturedzen Well-Known Member

    You can't raise your light?? If your height is maxed out you'll have to figure a way to bend that top out of harms way. Don't cut it man!
    Can you post some pics?

    Surveyor77 Active Member

    Can you try to tie it sideways just at the base of the top cola? I have seen this before and and the girl will stand back up with a nice S curve. Sounds like your about at the time where it will stop its vertical growth so that could buy enough time. Drill a hole in the pot and use fishing line with a soft loop of some sort up around the stem at the base of the cola and slowly pull her down sideways. Good luck.

    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    bra dont cut it get some string w.e. u can and bend it over. it good neway cause then u can get more light to lower buds.

    Budda_Luva Well-Known Member

    or move it to the side a lil iuf u cant bend it I KNOW u can bend it i think u juss dotn wanna

    twosaws Well-Known Member

    i dont mine bending it but i am afraid of breaking it. the lite is maxed out. have camera but dont know how to put on internet. ps will the cola still grow if its been burnt. should i trim the burnt part off the cola

    TrailerTrashed Well-Known Member

    Bend that plant over! Stop letting the plant make your decisions for you. One of the first lessons I learned as a young grower was I'm the boss not the plants. They do as I wish or they leave my garden. There are many ways of training marijuana to control height. Next grow think about it at the plants seedling or newly rooted clone stage. That being said I have had plants that out grew there box and touched the light as well. Not the end of the world. Get her up by her very top and start ever so slowly bending her over. Gentle now (shes alive). Just a little bit at a time, you don't have to do the whole bend all at once. Get it started and come back in an hour and bend her a little more. Train that bitch homeboy! They love it. Trust you got a way bigger brain than that plant does. It will only do what you let it. As for the burn goes...I would leave it. Beleave it or not I have found that the stress of the burn will cause a nice growth spurt. I have had buds explode with trichs and size because of it. Cutting burned area off at this point will only cause more unneeded stress as the plant will then have to heal from said new cuts. Hope I could help. IMO Much Love.

    twosaws Well-Known Member

    thank you for the reply. i tried to bend the plant and the main stalk bent in like it was going to break now when i try to bend it it only will bend at that point pinching the stalk, what can i do?

    twosaws Well-Known Member

    please read above need help. thanks

    CustomHydro Well-Known Member

    Massage the part of the stalk where the bend is, to losen it up, repeat if neccessary...
    When it is losened it will bend more properly.
    Until u get it to the point wher it will bend w/o creasing the stem too much, tie it up with a stick next to it, or some shit.
    The correct way (that I know) to do this is to massage the part of the stalk where u want the bend, do it over the course of a day, 5 or 6 timesds until it becomes so lose that it will just fall in the direction u want it to go. It's called Super Cropping. Look into it for more details.
    Just leave the burnt part of the bud on,
    ... If u burned ur nuts would u cut em off right away,
    or try and let them heal?
    Burning a plant in veg stage, u lose a leaf,
    no big deal, almost like burning your hair off,
    chop off the singed part and move on...
    Do it in flowering=big deal.
    Cutting buds, unless it's completely off the plant at a stem is going to cause more stress...

    leojapsky Well-Known Member

    keep it with solid 12/12 and it should stop eventually......pics?

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