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buddha mixed autos

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by REDSPEKTRUM, Mar 10, 2013.



    autos 001.jpg View attachment 2562232 View attachment 2562233 these pics were taking at 4 weeks the ends of the leaves went a bit yellow and thin iam using canna nutes , 600hps in a 1.2m tent sort of outdoors if you get me ??? i have been light feeding with water inbetween , they are now 6 weeks and budding nicely , i am running 18-6 and will post some pics when lights come on , the yellowing sorted itself out but the weather is cold here at the moment. the 5 plants back left are 2 fruity chronic juice , 1 northern light blue and 2 thc bomb they were rescued and are in 3 weeks veg but iam trying to hold them back they are 5 weeks now n the root ball s amazing , space is at a premo now as you will see when i post later

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