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Bud worms

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by ford442, Aug 17, 2010.


    ford442 Well-Known Member

    So, I found these little worms on my autoflower buds a few days ago. They love the healthy colas. I have a few questions. We went ahead and pulled all of the adult autos, but I am concerned that they could come back for our real outdoor crop this fall.

    Has anyone else dealt with these guys before? What can be done?? Will they still be around in 1 - 3 months? I have a handful of auto seeds right now, but I want to be sure the moths are gone before I plant them.


    Thanks for any suggestions!

    lovemug Well-Known Member

    get some BT. ive been dealing with them on an indoor grow and made it alot easier to manage. i pulled them off over the coarse of 2 or 3 weeks cheacking every other day. and i have been applying neem oil once a week. but from what ive researched look up BT pesticide. its a bacteria that coats the leaves and when they eat it. there little boddies shut down and they cant do anything but die.

    lovemug Well-Known Member

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