Bud worms and thrips!

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    I just found out that my plants have bud worms and I'm pretty sure thrips as well because some of the leaves have white spots on them that look like thrip damage and when you look at some of the undersides of the leaves, there are little brown specks moving. I just went and bought bt worm killer to take care of the bud worms and I was planning on buying monterey organic spinosad insecticide to take care of the thrips. I was just wondering if its going to hurt my plants or not to give them both of these not too far apart from each other since both of these products are organic.

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    I would try the BT first. Then if it didnt kill the thrips i would think about something for them, thats just what i would do tho. Some one else with more experience could probably tell you more

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    The SPINOSAD will probably kill both.

    Thrips most definitely die with SPINOSAD.

    Bud worms I've never had.


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