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Bud trimmers???

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by xxedgexx, Jan 6, 2009.


    xxedgexx Active Member

    Does anyone know of any reasonable bud trimmers for smaller grows? It seems the industrial trimmers, like the trimpro, etc, mostly apply to large grows. I was hoping there would be something out there just for personal use grows but smoething that would still give me the results of one of these huge machines.


    SlikWiLL13 Well-Known Member

    theyre called scissors...seriously, unless you got pounds you dont need anything else. most of those machines are butchers anyway. if this is your personal smoke trimming should be a labor of love. i love trimming!

    chazel Well-Known Member

    sorry if im a bit off but im sure i seen sumthin that attatched to the end of a vacume hose , if that is a trimpo i appologise . . . could u not mod an eletric razor or sumthin maybe? well worste case huh haha

    hamsterman Well-Known Member

    i saw one called an ardvarc or summat, it connect to any vacuum
    im not totaly sure, but if ur only a small grower just go with sissors more precise.
    Little Tommy

    Little Tommy Well-Known Member

    You can get some very nice shears for trimming for less than $20 US. I have been using Fiskars that I got at home depot a couple years ago and are still as sharp as the day I bought them. I use them in my outdoor garden and for my indoor garden. They are spring loaded and that helps when you have multiple plant harvests to do.

    atombomb Well-Known Member


    tyke1973 Well-Known Member

    The new razors that are selling ing most stores now with the trimmer on end if it.These work a treatjust run it up side of the bud job done alot better than all that trimming with scissors there called wilkonson sword brilliant try it.

    tyke1973 Well-Known Member

    seen em used they take to much bud.
    Papi Chingon

    Papi Chingon Well-Known Member

    the magic trimmer seems like it takes away all the crystals since it's just tumbling the weed all over the place. might be ok if you're not keeping the weed for yourself, but i bet you lose a shit-ton of crystals.

    atombomb Well-Known Member

    The trim pro xl does the same thing only is driven by a huge ass vacuum and motor, but it does collect it for you so you can make up for it in making some KILLER hash
    Timmy the Toker

    Timmy the Toker Well-Known Member

    dont listen to Papi he is obviously retarded. Get a pair of garden Puner scissors and do it yourself, You can pay more attention to detail and you dont have to worry about loosing THC and having sucked up in a vacume.

    J/k, Papi is right, you will loose a shit load of crystals in the the tumble process, or the vacume.

    Heh...I would love ever second of trimming buds. Your just a stoner and to lazy.

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