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bud swell

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by hoetreo, Jul 27, 2011.


    hoetreo Member

    Im in my 8th week of flowering I've been feeding my girls mother of all blooms for 2 weeks now. Trichomes are turning cloudy but the M.O.A.B still has my ladies producing white pistils and what I guess to be new calyxes. Im flowering under a 600watt hps.

    Here is my question if I start the fush today will my buds fatten up on the new calyxes if I flush with molasses and plain water? Or do I need to feed for atleast 1 more week without the mother of all bloom?

    Again trichomes are cloudy just new calyxes havent fatten up and turned orange yet, will flushing with molasses fatten the newest bud growth.Thanks for the help.

    Joedank Well-Known Member

    i would cut out the MOAB and switch to making teas with the molasses and budswell cuz it sounds like an 11 weeker then next week cut out the molasses and the budswell and finish with leaching IF you think the plant has reserves, organically in soil if your plant has reserves the FADE wont start until the last two days if timed right..

    Jozikins Well-Known Member

    What is your strain? That is very important to know!

    Just because they are producing more pistils and calyx's does not mean it is getting any better! My first crop I ever did was with MOAB, and they continued to swell, but became fluffier and fluffier, and crappier and crappier, but it was because I didn't harvest them because I thought I the strain needed more time based on pistil production. It all matters on amber trichomes, and in my personal experience, I notice a decline in quality after 30% amber trichomes.

    Budswell is way old school, Joe! You've been growing since the late 80's, haven't you?

    An 11 weeker is possible, but this is all strain specific, most modern crosses are bread to fit between 8-10 weeks, and in rare cases, 6-7 weeks.

    In any normal case I would suggest starting the flush this week, and the sugars built up in the leaves from it's growth cycle will fatten up the buds just fine for the rest of the flush. 5-10 days gives a good flush, you can go 2 weeks but I do not know if you have the time. The more sugar put in during the grow the better the results when you are flushing. Carbs in the flush are always suggested, except for the final rinse, I like the final rinse to be nice and clean, but that is just my OCD kicking in, I don't have any science to back it up.

    But I do know for a fact that your plant saves up sugar its whole life for the flowering cycle, and it will use this remaining sugar reserve to maintain growth in your plants during it's flush. This is completely dependent on the health and diet of your plants during the vegetative and earlier flowering states, this is when it is preparing for the end of life, and if the plant is sufficient, it is going to use it's stored flowering sugars to help compensate for the stress inflicted.

    hoetreo Member

    The strains are dinafem Sweet deep grapefruit,kannabia afrodite,g 13 blueberry gum, and greenhouse seed lemon skunk. The nute Ive been feeding are general hydroponics go line along with the MOAB. So the molasses and water for the flush for the next two week will makes buds swell and trichomes will turn. Thanks for the help. aslo should i up the molasses during the flush

    powerslide Well-Known Member

    please report back w/ how the yield on the SDG was.

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